Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 274


Despite the destruction that New York suffered from the Alien Invasion, only in a matter of months, the city was restored as it was before!

 And over time, the Avenger’s name became popular as they became the world’s first superheroes. Then for the famous, business opportunity came along nicely.

Tony was indeed a truly high-end businessman. He immediately seized the opportunity after seeing his popularity bloomed, using several of his toy companies to create a mirage that the Stark Industries was doing great and because of that, he got more funding for his company that he later used to build more Iron Man suits!

With Pepper’s suggestion too, Stark Industries was changing its path from weapon manufacturer into a technological research company.

This was the new probability for Stark Industries to start fresh after the alleged accusation that they were a company that funded the terrorist!

Apart from that, the government was still trying to get Tony’s armour for themselves, and of course, it was for the military, and Tony coldly rejected the government’s offer to buy the Iron Man suit with an unbelievable amount of money.

Tony himself created several clauses and contract for the rest of the Avenger teams to further increase his profit in the future, he already got Dr. Banner to sign the contract, and he also made one for Thor too!

Tony knew that Thor wasn’t interested in Earth’s money, but he prepared a contract for him nonetheless!

Tony thought that his plan would be smooth as no member of the Avenger would ever be short on money, but he never expected things would go sideways!

Natasha and Barton refused his offer with a laugh as they thought that Tony was joking. But Tony realized that Natasha and Barton were also an Agent of SHIELD who had to keep their profile hidden as carefully as they could.

So, with that in mind, Tony immediately looked for Steve. He thought that Captain America would totally agree with his idea and signed the contract as Banner did.

And Tony was right! Steve did agree that he also had to build up his image as a superhero, and thus he signed the contract with Tony, but Steve added another clausal to the contract that stated that Steve’s share of the money would be donated to those who really needed it.

Instead of mocking Steve like he usually would, this time, Tony was silent for a while and told Steve that he would also create a foundation to help those people in need.

This time Tony was using Steve’s idea to make himself look good and generous to build up his own image.

But even though Tony’s motive to make the foundation was impure and dishonest, a charity was still a charity! If the money safely reached those in need, it didn’t matter what the owner’s motive was!

After finished with Steve, Tony immediately turned his attention to Dio that he thought would be less likely to reject his offer.

But, as Tony met with Dio and discussed the contract, Tony was surprised after hearing that Dio would also reject his offer with a reason that Dio didn’t want to expose his identity and became famous like Tony.

This was also the reason why he asked SHIELD to delete all footages of him that were related to the Alien Invasion!

So, the people would know about the existence of Natasha Romanoff – the Black Widow, Clint Barton – the Hawkeye, Anthony Stark – the Iron Man, Steve Rogers – the Captain America, Bruce Banner – the Hulk, and Thor Odinson, but nobody knew who was the one holding the red scythe!

Because Dio was in a fierce battle, only a few people in the entire New York has actually seen his face while he was in a battle, but they also didn’t know Dio’s identity!

For this reason, the people created their own version of persona that was completely fantasy for Dio and gave him a nickname, the Grim Reaper!

Just hearing the name, people knew that Dio would mercilessly kill his opponent and would always succeed in doing so!

That was all because of the home video that the people of New York successfully captured while Dio was fighting against the Alien. They shared it on the internet to prove that the Grim Reaper indeed existed!

Some people still weren’t convinced and call the people that shared the video to be a liar and that they were sharing a hoax!

Some people even told the internet that the one holding the scythe was Thor himself, as they thought Mjolnir might be able to shift its shape as Thor see fit!

But one thing for sure, Dio’s popularity wasn’t losing to Tony or Thor. It may be because of his mysteriousness, or it may be because of his exaggerated power!

But people wouldn’t stop discussing the man with the red scythe and his possible ability.

Some speculation on the internet about Dio was completely hilarious, as some said that the Red Scythe wielder was none other than Thor.

They thought that Thor was secretly also a God of Death and that he would reap the soul out of people.

Some even said that the Red Scythe wielder was a woman with a very beautiful face and figure that would make any man fall in love with her!

In short, people continued speculating about the Red Scythe wielder’s identity until they found the real identity of the wielder, and some people even did something completely hilarious. They created a new religion that worshipped Dio as their new god!

Dio only shook his head in annoyance as he couldn’t believe people would do something that extreme!

So, with this kind of information on his head, he must reject Tony’s offer although Dio knew that the offer was very tempting!

But Tony kept getting on Dio’s nerve. He has already said that he didn’t want to join in any team, but Tony kept mentioning the ‘Red Scythe’ on his interview, claiming that the ‘Red Scythe’ indeed existed and that he was a shy person and didn’t want to make his identity known to the public!

Dio knew that Tony didn’t leak Dio’s personal information, but it was still annoying to know that people would keep guessing and create many other names that sounded so much like a bad joke!

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