Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 275


The Original Stark Building has been converted into the Avenger’s Building. Although the construction wasn’t completed yet, Dio’s restaurant was the first building to be completed! The restaurant that Tony has made was big, at 1.000 m2.

Dio knew that this much space was completely wasted on him, as he would only accept one table at a time. Dio was shocked as soon as he saw the luxurious restaurant as Tony called him over.

For a billionaire like Tony, everything seemed to be easy!

“Tony! This is too much! Are you sure this is a restaurant for me? Not for some royal family?” Dio said sarcastically.

“No, this is a normal restaurant. What are you talking about? This design isn’t even the best!” Tony said casually. “Let’s go in, look around, I designed some interior too!” Tony said as he invited Dio inside his new restaurant.

Dio passed a 200 m2 front hall, where the customer would be waiting for their turn to dine inside Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant. Inside, Tony designed the place just like what Dio had asked him to do, a single table, close to the kitchen and bathroom.

The bathroom was huge, too, equipped with automatic air recycle and high-tech cleaning equipment. Furthermore, Tony also built a recreational room and a lounge for relaxation.

Tony also stated that the wall was also made with mixed alloy plates and soundproof materials, coupled with full high-tech master control, making it the state-of-the-art restaurant building!

When Tony brought Dio to the lounge, Dio was surprised once more as Tony shouted, ‘I love Ironman!’ and suddenly the bed moved, and a staircase appeared below it!

“I have registered your voice and mine for the control of the house A.I! simply said ‘I Love Ironman!’ and this staircase will appear!” Tony said with a big smile on his face.

“Can you change this command? I swear to god, if I find more of your ego inside, I will kill you immediately!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Ow, come on! I work hard for it, at least let me have this one!” Tony said, faking his hard work. He immediately walked down the stairs and called Dio to come over. As soon as Dio walked inside, the lights immediately lighted up! Dio immediately saw that the place was full of food, beverages, various equipment, and an arcade machine!

“You know, I realized that we will need some sort of bunker if we ever have the same Nuclear threat again. This place was supplied by the Ark Reactor, which allows us to survive a decade long nuclear winter! This place also included sustainable food and water, also any game console from Arcade to the earliest console! You can use this place as much as you like, even if there is no emergency! So, what do you think?” Tony asked excitedly.

“Now, this one is really good!” Dio said honestly. He could see that Tony really spent his time to think about designing his restaurant and the corresponding incident that may come! Dio wouldn’t dream of ever designing this place on his own! “Oh, where is that door leading to?” Dio asked as he saw a lone door in the corner.

“Oh, that one would lead you straight to Avenger Tower! I also built secret communication in here, if we ever needed it!” Tony said casually.

Dio immediately looked at him in annoyance. Now he realized that this place could be said Tony’s own back yard! He could come and go as he pleased anytime!

Although he could understand Tony’s purpose by building this elevator, couldn’t he at least tell Dio in advance?

While Dio was contemplating on blocking the elevator from this room, Tony shoved a document into his chest.

“Here, I’ve already calculated the cost of the decoration and design cost. You can make a few changes on places that you think could be better if you are already satisfied with all of this, sign this document, and we are done!” Tony said casually.

Dio immediately opened the document and shocked by how much the cost was!

“Twenty million dollars? Are you kidding me, Stark?” Dio said annoyedly.

“Hey, this was just the material and manpower cost! I didn’t even include my designing fee in those bills! If you don’t believe me, you could ask anyone that have their own bunker on how much this place cost!” Tony said seriously.

All that Tony just said was the truth! The usual bunker for presidential or any other VVIP personnel would use the same material that Tony used, except that they would use a nuclear-powered power resource, while Tony used clean energy of the Arc Reactor!

Basically, Tony’s Arc Reactor was much better for sustaining the bunker than the Nuclear powered one!

There is also the A. I that he integrated into the building; this was the most that he could do on the quality side! If he was ever planning to sell this kind of bunker, the opening price would be at least 100 million dollars!

People with money would start flocking to buy this state-of-the-art bunker from him, especially after experiencing the Alien invasion from earlier!

“Okay, okay! I will sign this document! But I would pay you after you changed the password and after I got the money from my customer!” Dio said annoyedly. He didn’t have that much money right now, but with his restaurant reopened, he would be able to pay Tony for that much cost!

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