Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 276


After leaving the new restaurant, Dio felt sad for his pocket and felt empty inside! His money was not enough to pay for his own restaurant, and the worst thing of all, he owed Tony money for a while!

He drove his Porsche towards his villa. Dio was adamant that he wouldn’t have to extend the lease he had on the villa for the restaurant already had everything he needed!

He didn’t need to spend more money on this stupid villa that he wouldn’t even need anymore!


The state of New York was not completely functioning right now. Although the government wasn’t affected that much, the people from the underworld organization clearly thought that this was the right time to seize the opportunity to loot and assault people as the police department was overwhelmed by so many disputes!

The police have mustered their resources to handle the gang war, assault, and many other criminal activities.

But it seemed to make no difference as the gang war still happened on the alleyway and other conspicuous places in New York!

Along the way, the number of reports from breaking and entering, suspicious activity, even assault was too much, even in broad daylight!

Dio didn’t want to take care of this matter, as it was surprisingly tiring. But if he ever crossed path with anyone that would challenge him, he wouldn’t think twice to kill them!

Dio suddenly snapped back from his thought as a little girl suddenly appeared in front of his car, and he had to hit the brake hard for the car to stop quickly!

5 or 6 big men full of tattoos showed up as Dio stopped his car with a gun in their hands. Clearly, this was a ruse to mug Dio!

“Get out of the car if you don’t want me to shoot your stupid head!” one man said threateningly.

Dio opened his car door and immediately stepped out and started to walk towards the man. He didn’t want his car to get damaged while he still had to pay the loan for it, and he was annoyed that they dared to bother him while he was not in a good mood!

“Now, what do you want? Make it quick! I don’t have much time for this!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Look at you, acting like a pampered boy! You hit my sister, and now you have the mouth to be arrogant!” The man said threateningly.

Dio immediately looked over to the girl from earlier. He noticed that the girl was in a pitiful state! Her clothes were already tattered, while her body was looking frail from the lack of nutrient.

What a joke! This girl clearly wasn’t their sister. Even if she was, there was no way they had the right to ask for anything while their sister was looking like a homeless bum!

Dio started to look around and noticed that someone not too far from Dio’s current location saw the situation that Dio was in and called the police!

Dio frowned as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to deal with these mobs while having so many spectators.

“Let’s change the place! There are a lot of people here!” Dio said as he kept looking around the place.

“Now we are talking! Remember, don’t play any tricks on me! Or your head would get it!” The man said confidently.

After walking for a while, Dio finally found a deserted place without any security camera! Dio also noticed that the girl from earlier was also following from behind while keeping a certain distance between her and the mobs.

“Now, let’s talk about her medical expenses! You hit my sister! Now her knees are broken, you should pay $50.000 for that!” the man from earlier said confidently while pointing his gun at Dio. This guy looked like their leader; this kind of ruse was typical!

They waited for people with a luxurious car to drive close and threw themselves to the road while calculating the injuries that they would receive.

After all, people with a luxurious car wouldn’t want to deal with this kind of situation.

But today was not their lucky day!

“Although I know that this was just an act, I am still a good person, and so I would agree to take care of your sister until she is fully recovered! I have a friend who was a surgeon, and I believe she would be able to heal your sister back to health! And stay a few steps back please, your stink breath is annoying me!” Dio said casually.

“Fuck you! Did you play me for a fool? Now, you will become my punching bag!” The man said as he immediately rushed towards Dio to punch Dio in the face. But as his fist flew towards Dio, it suddenly stopped and broke in seven different places!

“AAAAAAHHHH, my arms! Shoot him! Shoot him!” the man said while cringing for his broken arm. The rest of the mobs immediately shot as they saw their leader was on the ground, but instead of injuring Dio, the bullet bounced, and suddenly their arms and legs were broken!

The group of mobs wailed as they held their broken appendages.

“Sorry, a gun wouldn’t be able to do anything to me!” Dio said indifferently. “Now, do you still need to talk about medical expenses?” Dio said with a smile on his face.

“No! No more! Leave us alone!” the man said as he crawled away from Dio.

“What are you talking about? I still need medication fee for my slightly bruised arms, you know!” Dio said while looking at his arm, clearly there was no bruise there! The man widened his eyes as he never expected to ever encounter a shameless man like this! He immediately threw his wallet at Dio and told the rest of his men to do the same.

Dio immediately took all their wallet and found only around $1.000 on it! “What is this! You’re all broke as hell! What a complete waste of time!” Dio said annoyedly.

The man was clearly insulted by Dio’s word, but he couldn’t say anything to Dio as he feared for his safety!

Dio noticed that the little girl from earlier finally showed up, but she chose to hide behind the garbage bin with a trace of alertness on her eyes.

“Are you with them?” Dio asked as he walked towards the girl. The girl hesitated for a while and shook her head afterward.

“Is that man really your brother?” Dio asked curiously.

“No, he is not!” The girl said confidently this time.

“So, where is your family?” Dio asked again.

This time the girl didn’t answer back and sat on the ground behind the garbage bin instead, hiding from Dio.

Dio knew that he couldn’t just leave the girl like this, and so Dio took the $1.000 he found from the mob and took $1.000 more from his own pocket.

He immediately put the money on the ground in front of the girl.

“Buy something to eat, change your clothes! Clean yourself! Stop following these scums, nothing good comes from following these good for nothing!” Dio said solemnly. Dio immediately walked back into his car after he said those words and immediately resumed his drive back to his villa. He didn’t even look back at the girl as he knew that everyone had their own path to take!

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