Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 277


The next day, Dio was dreaming about getting a super lucky draw and acquiring the [Killer Queen] and [King Crimson] Stand with only one ten times Draw! But his dream was interrupted as his bell rang loudly.

“Fuck! Who is coming to my house this early!” Dio said annoyedly as he walked towards his door to check who the guest was. But he was surprised to see two police officers were already waiting for him outside.

He began to wonder why did these police officers come into his house. Was it because of the mobs that he bullied yesterday?

“Good Morning, Mr. Brando. We are from the NYPD here to check on something.” One policeman said casually while showing Dio his badge.

“Morning. May I know what is this all about?” Dio asked curiously.

The two police officers began to whisper, and one of them immediately walked back to their car.

“We are here because we found a girl earlier this Morning that suspiciously roamed around the shopping center near here. We tried to talk to her at first, but she was kind of spooked by our presence and tried to getaway. We have no choice but to chase her down, and after we did, she wouldn’t talk to us! We have no other option but to bring her in on the assumption that she may have the intention of shoplifting.” The policeman said to Dio, but he wasn’t done yet!

“And then, once we arrive at the precinct, our female colleagues searched her body for something that could identify her identity, but the strange things keep happening, our colleagues couldn’t find anything other than a big amount of money that wasn’t supposed to be carried by a girl that age. We tried to ask her how did she get that much money, and finally, she talked by saying that it was given to her. When we asked who would give her that much money, she wouldn’t answer us anymore!” the policeman said annoyedly.

Dio knew where this conversation was going. He knew that Asian and Black People wasn’t appreciated that much in this country.

That was also why he hated to be polite to anyone in this country unless he was proven wrong! But he began to get curious about the girl that the police kept saying to him now.

Why would they think he had a connection with her?

“She finally started talking after we threatened to bring her to ICE. She began to tell us a plate number by saying that the car belongs to her brother. After we checked the license plate, the captain got a call from the higher-ups, asking why we tried to search for that license plate! We don’t know that we didn’t have permission to access your file, and so we list our reason to the boss, and finally, we got permission to look into your current address.” The policeman said with a little bit worried expression.

He knew that the man in front of him was someone that wasn’t supposed to be bothered by the string of problems that he got just to access this man’s file!

Dio was surprised after hearing the policeman said that he had a sister. Who was this child? All he knew that his parent only had one child, and that was him! So, with so much curiosity, Dio finally spoke.

“So, where is she now?” Dio asked annoyedly.

“She is in the car now, she has a tendency of running away, and so we kept her on the car for now.” The policeman said carefully. He was worried about how Dio would react to the fact that they got his sister.

But in his head, he started to wonder whether Dio was a bad brother or whether he was abusing her at home, and she decided to runs away like this.

But he didn’t voice it out, worried that Dio would take that as an offense and reported it back to the higher-ups!

The policeman quickly told his partner to bring the girl out, and once Dio saw the girl that the policeman was talking about, he was surprised to see the girl from last night!

This was not a girl that he had in mind. He was thinking of some unknown girl that once saw his plate and remembered it for some kind of scam. This girl wasn’t even his parent’s illegitimate child if they even have any!

“Brother, please don’t send me away! I will give you back all the money that you gave me yesterday!” the girl said pleadingly.

Dio was surprised once more; the girl seemed to be pleading him to take her with him! Dio took the money that the girl handed to him subconsciously.

The girl’s bravery was the first thing that Dio noticed this far, and the second thing that he noticed was that the girl finally took a shower and changed her clothes, making her look so much better than the other night!

But Dio couldn’t help but wonder what the girl would do once she was with Dio after this!

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