Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 278


After the policemen left Dio’s Villa, Dio took two cans of soda and put one on the other end of the table where the girl was currently sitting.

Dio himself immediately opened the other can and gulped half of it to calm himself down! Although he didn’t get any trouble from the policeman earlier, the girl was a burden for him now.

“Drink! Tell me your story. I want to hear the truth!” Dio said a little bit coldly. He had to be strict here. There was a chance that the girl only wanted to use him since he had money and therefore caused trouble for him later.

The little girl didn’t take the soda can in front of her, but she did talk like what Dio asked her. Dio could see that the girl was nervous about her voice and her behavior, but he must hear the girl’s story as soon as possible!

The little girl told Dio that she wanted to find a decent job, but she was too nervous, and the police mistakenly thought that she would steal from the shop.

Dio knew that if this was true, then it was only a misunderstanding earlier, but why would she run away from the police if that was the case.

But Dio knew that seeing a police officer walked towards you menacingly would evoke the fight or stimulate one’s instinct.

After all, she was from a group of criminals yesterday! Dio was also satisfied that she was listening to his advice and tried to work decently.

“How old are you this year, and where is your family?” Dio asked curiously. But as soon as Dio asked that question, the girl immediately stopped talking! Dio could see that the girl was afraid of something.

Dio immediately realized that something bad must have happened to her regarding her family, most probably the girl’s parent was already dead! Either that or maybe her parent used to abuse her!

“You don’t have to force yourself if it was really that bad! This place has another two months lease! You can stay here if you want until then. I hope you can find a decent work and living space to live in! I will move out of this place today, and so, you don’t need to be afraid of anything!” Dio said casually.

Dio finished his soda can and stood up to throw it into the trash can. Originally, Dio was reluctant to move out of this villa this fast!

After all, two months lease was still money! But, as he could help this girl, he wouldn’t mind it that much.

With that said, Dio immediately walked towards his room to pack his things up and left. He didn’t have that much stuff anyway, so he could move away from anywhere lightly. But as soon as Dio arrived at his room’s door. The girl spoke again nervously.

“Crystal! My English name is Crystal! My Chinese name is Xiqian. I have no family, my parent was dead when the alien invaded, but it was all because of me!” The girl said while holding her tears.

Dio sighed and sat again.

“Crystal? That’s a nice name! I remembered that the government held a lot of programs to help the citizens with the same problem as yours. Why don’t you get to that immediately?” Dio asked curiously. Dio knew about this as he was curious about what the government did to help the people of New York that may lose the life of their loved ones and presumably their career.

But Dio knew that the government of America wasn’t the only one who reached out their hand to help with the victims of the Alien Invasion.

The people from all over the world began to reach out and gather an awful lot of money in order to help the victims of the Alien Invasion to get back on their feet!

The earth was for once working on the same page, setting aside the resentment and conflict that flogged the countries all this time. But Crystal’s answer made Dio frown.

“I don’t want to burden anyone anymore! Misfortune would befall anyone that has an extended amount of contact with me! If it weren’t for me, my parents wouldn’t die, and I wouldn’t live alone like this!” Crystal said as she kept looking at her hands.

“Although I don’t know what happened to your parents, I think it isn’t your fault! No one would expect the alien invasion thus, your parents’ death was a pure coincidence!” Dio said as he tried to reassure Crystal.

Dio’s words were true. The people of New York were caught in a massive invasion that Dio himself failed to predict, his involvement advanced the time of the Alien Invasion, and the place was completely different from the one he knew too!

But the next words that came from Crystal made Dio frown more!

She told Dio that she killed his birth mother as soon as she was born, she died from dystocia. Then when she was three years old, her birth father was dead from a car crash that in theory, was impossible to survive. But the thing was, she was also in the same car but didn’t receive any major injury!

After that, she was taken in by her relatives, and strange things kept happening one after another. Her life was followed constantly by death, but she always survived with little to no injuries!

After the accident kept happening and her relatives began to fear her as a girl who brought misfortune!

She was immediately sent to the local orphanage, where she would repeat the same nightmare repeatedly. Once she was adopted by a caring and sweet family, she would always cause an incident and was eventually sent back to the orphanage!

She was constantly getting her hopes up by being adopted by a new family that seemed to be kind and caring, but she would be abandoned after a string of strange accidents happened to her new adoptive family! Until no one dared to adopt her anymore!

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