Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 279


In the end, the only one who would still take her in was the father of her orphanage. The troubles were still happening, even if the father wasn’t really her adoptive parents.

At that time, however, all the accidents that befell the father were minor. The last straw came when the Alien Invaded!

One of the Alien’s attack obliterated the orphanage and killed everyone inside, except for her! She once again became the only survivor of the accident!

Because of this final incident, she was determined to avoid getting close to anyone! When the bad guys from the other night caught her, she didn’t resist!

As she knew that if she would cause any more misfortune, she might as well cause one for bad guys like them!

But Dio’s advice that night awoken something that she thought was already long gone! A light of hope that was once there.

A memory of her birth father and the father of the orphanage that told her to keep going!

So, she took Dio’s advice and cleaned herself on the river water and buy decent clothes on Target! She then bought a meal.

Even though it may not be the best meal that she could buy, it was much better than the meal that the mobs fed her.

After that, she tried to find a job in stores that needed a helper, but before she could find one, the police get to her first!

Then Dio already heard the rest of the story from the police!

She didn’t know why she was compelled to trust Dio, but she felt a radiating warmth from Dio that she never felt from anyone before!

  . . . . . . . . . .

After listening to Crystal’s story, Dio was wondering whether Crystal was just truly lucky when it came to her own safety but extremely unlucky for anyone around her, or that something else might be happening!

Dio wasn’t afraid of Crystal’s accident-prone situation as Dio knew that none of it would harm him! Because of that, Dio’s curiosity for the roots of Crystal’s power was increasing!

She thought of Domino, the afro woman on Deadpool movies. She had the probability manipulation ability, where she could increase or decrease the chance that something would happen around her!

This may be the case for Crystal too, but Dio wouldn’t know if he didn’t observe her. Crystal’s ability may be useful for Dio later!

Luck was something that was completely different among everyone on earth; it all came to their own perspective.

For example, a people walking peacefully on the sidewalk might be considered normal, but extremely lucky for those who had disabilities to walk!

If Crystal truly had this kind of ability and she could somehow learn to control it, Dio could have her ability to increase his chance of getting a good draw later!

“Aren’t you afraid that I would kick you out after hearing all of this?” Dio asked curiously.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, but at the same time, I trusted you with my story. Don’t you worry, I’ve already made up my mind to leave anyway. Can I take this with me?” Crystal said as she held the soda can that Dio gave earlier.

Dio’s heart wavered for a little bit. He began to wander back to the moment that he almost hit Crystal the other night. Perhaps, Crystal was already thinking of killing herself at that time.

“No!” Dio said as he thought of something, but Crystal thought that Dio was refusing to give Crystal the soda, and so she disappointedly put back the soda on the table.

“I wouldn’t give you food for free! If you want to clean up this living room for me, I might consider making your lunch later.” Dio said casually.

“Really? You mean it?” Crystal said as she became excited about the possibility of eating decent food.

Dio nodded his head, and Crystal immediately started cleaning the living room diligently. It seemed Dio had motivated her to live normally again.

Dio thought that he had to give Crystal a chance as the risk would be harmless to him anyway. But he also thought of the possibility of Crystal affecting someone else close to Dio later.

But the thought of having a probability manipulator around him canceled out risk altogether!

He couldn’t hand her over to SHIELD or Xavier too. He still wasn’t quite sure on what Crystal’s ability was, she may not be a mutant at all, and SHIELD would probably just poke and prod at her like a lab rat. Dio wouldn’t be that heartless to this little girl!

Eventually, Dio felt his headache from overthinking Crystal’s situation. If he would have known that this kind of situation would happen, he probably took a different path yesterday!

But as Crystal finished cleaning the living room and standing awkwardly near the closet, Dio felt curious again.

“What would you like to do for a living? Did you want to work? Aren’t you afraid it’ll affect anyone later?” Dio asked curiously.

“I would try to find a work that doesn’t require me to get in contact with other people often, from my experience, bad luck would start small! So, if I’ve already seen the bad luck that happened to the people in my workplace, I would immediately leave!” Crystal said confidently.

From Crystal’s word, Dio noted that bad luck wouldn’t be fatal right away. Maybe it would be like stepping into banana peel and slipped immediately and escalated until it would get fatal for people around her.

But Dio was just speculating, like what he thought before, he had to observe how Crystal’s power worked first!

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