Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 280


Dio was inclined that Crystal would have the power to manipulate probability like Black Cat or Domino!

So, Dio was eager to let Crystal work for him. He thought that maybe Crystal would be able to increase his luck next time he drew from the golden pool once she was able to control her power.

If it didn’t work, Dio was thinking of letting the SHIELD took care of Crystal by giving her job or let her go on her own. He still has not decided yet on what to do next if this was not working!

Dio didn’t know that at the same time, the Ancient One was observing him!

“I hope the sun on that man could dispel the darkness within you!” The Ancient One said as she looked at Crystal lovingly.

Dio didn’t know that the Ancient One has put him on her observation list. He knew that the Ancient One must have known that Dio’s power, especially [The World]’s power, was messing with time! But as The Ancient One never met Dio personally, Dio didn’t think of it at all.

In fact, the Ancient One already knew everything about Dio. From his encounter with Dr. Strange to the recent battle of New York!

For now, all she did was observe them in silence. There was no need for her to take any action here!

  . . . . . . . . . .

That night, Crystal, who hasn’t slept well in a long time, finally could sleep peacefully on a comfortable bed.

But as the night grew darker, a faint black mist appeared from her body. Little Crystal’s face immediately contorted in fear as her pleasant dreams instantly turned into a nightmare! Her nightmare was uninterrupted until the first ray of sunshine woke her from her sleep.

The black mist immediately returned to Crystal’s body as soon as she opened her eyes, leaving no trace of its existence.

Crystal looked around in panic as she was confused after having a nightmare for so long. She couldn’t remember what her nightmare was, but she felt the crippling fear and anxiety from the said nightmare.

An hour later, after Dio and Crystal were ready. Dio immediately drove towards the restaurant with Crystal to prepare for the restaurant’s first opening day.

But something unexpected happened.

The street of New York was still under reconstruction. So, many Heavy-Duty machines spread out throughout the street.

That was also the case with the truck that delivered the materials needed for construction. This time, Dio was driving behind a truck that was loaded with sand, gravel, and steel!

Then a series of accidents happened. The truck driver was trying to avoid a pothole on the street that has yet to be repaired when suddenly his eyes were blinded by a light that came from the front!

The truck driver failed to avoid the pothole, the truck’s back door was suddenly opened from the impact the truck received from hitting a pothole, and countless steel bar immediately flew towards Dio’s car!

Dio doesn’t feel afraid or anything from this accident, but he was still annoyed upon the realization that his car could get damaged!

So, in order to protect his car, Dio immediately summoned the [World] and immediately ordered the [World] to destroy every steel bar that came close to his car.

Dio immediately looked over to Crystal. He began to wonder whether this was because of Crystal’s power or was it only a coincidence. But all he saw was a scared Crystal who hasn’t done anything!

The people on the street started screaming as they were shocked to see an accident in front of their eyes, but they were immediately shocked to see that the car behind the truck was fine!

The truck stopped immediately, but all the steel bars already fell off from the back!

Many people immediately took out their phone and started recording the accident, while the truck driver immediately got out of the truck while looking scared shitless!

But as soon as he knew that the car behind him was okay, he knelt and thanked the gods!

Noticing that many people started to flood the street to see the accident on their own, Dio frowned. He didn’t want to attract too much attention, so he immediately hit his gas pedal and accelerated away from the accident scene.

  . . . . . . . . .

While driving towards the restaurant, Dio couldn’t help but think of the moment the accident happened. He recalled the scene bit by bit.

He knew that the steel bars were aimed at him! There were no steel bars aimed at Crystal or a random spot of his car. It was all aimed at him!

So, what did this accident give him? Dio finally realized that Crystal’s words were all true; the accident wouldn’t do any harm to her!

Dio knew that this wasn’t a mutant power immediately, and so he was adamant about solving the mystery about Crystal’s power!

But the next thing that confused Dio was the escalation of the bad luck that happened to him. From Crystal’s previous story, he knew that it shouldn’t be this bad for the first time! So, what made him different than any other person?

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