Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 281


“I should have left!” Crystal said as she lowered her head and started crying. Although she didn’t know how they survived through the catastrophe just now, she knew that it was her fault! Her hopes for a peaceful life was shattered once more!

Dio took a glance at Crystal while still driving towards the restaurant.

“Has this happened before? A death scene right from the start?” Dio asked curiously.

Crystal looked at Dio and shook her head.

Dio sighed. He started to wonder whether it was because of his own bad luck. And so, he  theorized that his bad luck amplified Crystal’s bad luck!

But none of the steel bars directed at Crystal was really bothering Dio. Was Crystal really that lucky?

This was the first time Dio ever encountered this kind of power, he never even read this kind of power in Marvel Comics too!

“Now, did you feel anything before the accident happen? Did your body feel any change? Or did you imagine things like that to happen?” Dio asked Crystal curiously. He still had to find some evidence first before he could conclude anything.

But Little Crystal shook her head once again. She didn’t feel anything that Dio has described. But as she tried to remember again, she seemed confused.

“I felt the accident was somewhat familiar, but I don’t know where I have seen that before.” Crystal said as she kept trying to remember.

“Then, you’ve already seen it before. Have you ever had the same kind of accident as earlier?” Dio asked curiously.

“No, I don’t think I have experienced the same accident like this one. But I know that every time the accident happened, I feel familiar with each one!” Crystal said as confusion was clear on her face.

“Every time? That’s weird!” Dio said as now he had one key to unlock the mysteries! Dio knew what Déjà vu was. It meant that Crystal had seen the scene before, whether it was real or on her mind!

Could it be a projection of Crystal’s subconscious mind? Dio couldn’t say for sure, but it seemed he was close to the fact now!

But, if Crystal’s power was like a mind projection, then it meant it had nothing to do with luck, but a reality warper! This was more powerful and dangerous than a mere probability manipulation!

In the end, Dio was still inconclusive whether he found a treasure or something else more dangerous! But, seeing Crystal sad like this, Dio had to put this thought aside for now.

   . . . . . . . . . .  

Dio finally parked his car on the restaurant’s parking space, and he immediately invited Crystal inside.

“Let’s go inside. What are you still doing in the car!” Dio said as he called Crystal over. Crystal was a little bit surprised that Dio still wanted to be around her.

But her mind was already telling her to leave Dio alone, as she didn’t want another kind person to fall victim to her power. But Dio’s next word left her no other choice.

“Hey, hurry up! At least you can finish the work you owe me for the previous night!” Dio said casually. Crystal then unwillingly followed Dio inside the restaurant.

“It’s okay. I have to leave immediately after my work is done!” Crystal said to herself as she felt uneasy. But, as she stepped outside of the building, she was immediately in awe! This was the first time she entered such a marvelous and unique building!

“Welcome back, Master!” the A. I voice said as Dio stepped inside the restaurant. The voice successfully startled Crystal out of her mind.

“Don’t be afraid! It was just a house A.I; her name was Zeppeli.” Dio said to reassure Crystal.

“Zeppeli, this is Crystal, and she would be the waiter and cleaner for this restaurant in the future,” Dio said to the A.I.

“Scan complete, identity recorded!” the A. I said in a robotic tone.

“Oh yeah, how old are you?” Dio asked Crystal curiously.

“I am 20 years old!” Crystal said shyly.

Dio looked at Crystal and raised his brows in question. There was no way a child like this has reached 20!

“How old are you again?” Dio asked curiously.

“18 …” Crystal said nervously as she knew that she was caught lying.

“Now, I will give you one last chance!” Dio said playfully.

“I am 16 in one more month! I swear it’s the truth this time!” Crystal said as she looked down nervously.

“Fair enough!” Dio said as he immediately walked towards the kitchen, he knew that some people would ask her about her age, but he realized that people knew that Asian was a late bloomer, so people wouldn’t ask that much!

“Now, here are the cleaning supplies for the restaurant. It’s all in there, so feel free to use it as you want. In the meantime, I will go out for a while to buy the ingredients needed for the restaurant to open later. Don’t be slack off! I would check the result right after I got here again!” Dio said as he pulled out the tools that Crystal should use later.

Crystal nodded her head and started cleaning immediately. Dio himself immediately left the restaurant to go to the nearby market to buy the ingredients that he needed.

However, he wondered whether he forced a child to work for him or not. After some time, Dio immediately called someone.

“Hey! Yeah, it’s me! I need you to do me a favor!” Dio said to his phone.

  . . . . . . .

At the restaurant, Crystal diligently cleaned the restaurant. As an orphan, she had to learn things like this to make herself look useful to the people that would adopt her later, she learned a lot from the orphanage that she was from, but she was immediately saddened as she remembered that everyone on the orphanage was dead! Just as her thought got depressing, the faint black mist flashed on her eyes!

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