Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 282


Crystal was having a good day at Dio’s Restaurant. She knew that she had to clean the restaurant, but the meal that Dio has made for her was heavenly!

But she felt scared as soon as she saw the price on Dio’s menu. The cheapest was at $ 20.000 while the made to order dietary meal was at $ 200.000!

At the same time, Crystal was confused! How could anyone pay to eat a meal this expensive? Wasn’t this also some kind of embezzlement?

She knew that Dio’s meal was delicious as she tasted it herself, but she wouldn’t pay it that much money! She felt scared that she would have to pay for this amount too, so she cried by herself silently.

“Hey, why are you crying?” Dio said as he noticed Crystal crying while having her meal.

“I don’t have money to pay for your meal!” Crystal said as she sniffled.

“Don’t worry about that! I have a proposition for you, you can pay me back with a 50% discount, or you can work for me! Of course, with a salary and lodging for you.” Dio said casually.

“Are you sure that I can stay here? I may affect your business just with me being here!” Crystal said tearily.

“Don’t worry about that. I would just deal with it when the time comes!” Dio said casually. He was intrigued and curious about Crystal’s power, but everything took time!

As soon as Crystal heard Dio’s word, she immediately ran toward the dishwasher to wash any utensils that Dio used to cook earlier.

She couldn’t afford to slack off as she knew that Dio was a serious person, plus she must prove her worth!

After Crystal left, Zeppeli’s voice was heard near Dio.

“Mr. Stark has equipped the place with the state-of-the-art automatic dishwasher. Why did you still let the little girl do it manually, master?” Zeppeli asked confusedly.

“Machine surely works more efficiently than a human does, but human’s existence needs value! That is what I have to teach little Crystal myself!” Dio said casually as he smirked to himself.

In the evening, Crystal immediately fell asleep in a room that was already arranged for her. She was exhausted from cleaning the restaurant all day long.

At the same time, Dio couldn’t sleep, and so he walked out of his room and walked toward Crystal’s room to confirm his assumption of Crystal’s power.

As Crystal said that she would feel every incident like a déjà vu, Dio knew that meant Crystal’s power must work with her mind while she imagined things!

Dio observed Crystal all day, and he never saw Crystal daydreamed, so he concluded that Crystal’s power must’ve occurred in her dreams!

Dreams and daydreams had the same pretext where the mind began to imagine things out of the ordinary, and that was also why most people couldn’t exactly remember their dreams.

Therefore, Dio felt the need to check on Crystal while she was sleeping.

Dio knew that this was far fetched, but he still had to see it for himself! Even if Crystal turned out normal, there’s no harm in just checking!

As Dio arrived at Crystal’s door, he immediately confirmed that Crystal was sound asleep. He immediately walked inside Crystal’s room quietly as to not wake Crystal up. However, after quite some time observing Crystal sleep, Dio felt like a creep!

He didn’t see anything weird happening, and so he wondered whether he was just overthinking about this incident.

Dio tried to cover his eyes with the [Life Magnetism Overdrive] to see anything that couldn’t be seen by the normal human eye.

However, after an hour passed, Dio was disappointed as he still didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Dio sighed in disappointment and immediately left Crystal’s room quietly. Even though it was just a speculation, Dio was still hoping to find something!

Shortly after Dio left Crystal’s room, the black mist immediately appeared again from Crystal’s body. Strangely, the black mist wasn’t covering Crystal’s body like it used to do.

It looked over the direction that Dio previously stood disgustedly. Quickly after, it immediately returned to Crystal’s body as if nothing happened!

This was a rare occasion for Crystal as she didn’t have a nightmare and could sleep soundly without care.

When Crystal woke up in the morning, she was cheerful, and Dio was a little bit surprised by this change.

He didn’t know that Crystal was having trouble sleeping from her nightmares, so Dio just shrugged it off!

Dio then immediately brought Crystal back to the restaurant as her jobs were still the same thing as yesterday!

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