Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 283


“This is all information that you asked for, but I didn’t know that you have a taste for something forbidden like this,” Natasha said teasingly on her sexy clothes. Dio ignored her and immediately read the report that she gave.

“You’ve obviously read this data; did you have any thought on this matter?” Dio asked Natasha sternly.

“I have sent some agents to investigate, and sadly, all of it was indeed an accident! There is no proof of saying that the girl’s accident was not a coincidence!” Natasha said as she tapped her fingers on the table.

“So, did you think that it was just a coincidence that every steel bar on the truck fell on me while the girl was close by, but never really in any form of danger?” Dio asked Natasha, annoyedly.

Dio knew that he was making a mistake asking SHIELD to investigate this matter for him. Dio never thought that he was a member of SHIELD, but after the Battle of New York, Dio’s relation with SHIELD has gotten better.

Now, Dio didn’t really mind using his power in public, but he still concealed his identity, and he knew that the SHIELD would take care of any problems about his identity.

“What makes you so sure that there is something wrong about this girl?” Natasha asked curiously.

“I am sure that there is something with this girl, but I still don’t know what yet! But, if my suspicions are true, the girl’s power would be dangerous!” Dio said as he kept wondering how to confirm Crystal’s power.

“If you believe so, then you should have handed her over to the SHIELD for further tests. It was also our responsibility to discover such a threat and control it!” Natasha said casually.

“That is not possible right now, if you take her to SHIELD, the result would be either you killed her on accident or the SHIELD was annihilated from the face of the earth!” Dio said solemnly. He wasn’t telling any bullshit to Natasha, and she could sense that!

Dio thought that Crystal’s power was somewhere around Reality Warping in the media of her dreams. Putting her under house arrest without anything to do would quicken Crystal’s power as she was forced to do nothing.

To be honest, Dio was torn in so many options that he must consider too. The thought that kept coming was if Crystal was really a reality warper, how could Dio help her control that kind of power! The reality warper was the most overpowered ability that anyone in the comic world had!

“If she really had the power of bad luck, then what is she? The pandora who is guarding her box, or is it a curse?” Natasha said as she was also engrossed in her own thoughts.

She believed Dio’s judgment, and because of that, she was a little worried to see Dio felt uneasy about a little girl’s possible ability.

Moreover, luck was intangible. There was no possible means to exactly value someone’s luck.

“I don’t really know yet, but I have an idea on how to bring it out in a controlled environment, I hope!” Dio said as he still wondered about his own idea. “The rate of the bad luck was already at the fatal level, if it weren’t me, anyone in my place would’ve been skewered by countless steel bar!” Dio said annoyedly.

Natasha nodded as she realized that Dio’s accident was on the top list of her’ ugliest way to die!’ Natasha knew that Dio’s determination would eventually lead to something.

But she hoped that the incident like Loki wouldn’t be the situation that Dio’s determination lead to!

“Well, if you’ve already had a plan, I am afraid I have to get going now. but if you need any help, I am just a call away!” Natasha said as she winked at Dio, gesturing on sex! “I wouldn’t mind deactivating the black widow in me if it’s only for one night!

“Thank you, but I have my own appointment later. But I think Dr. Banner would have time to spare with you. but the thing is, he really likes you, so don’t break his heart!” Dio said in a teasing tone. He knew that Natasha wouldn’t like it if her words were thrown back to tease her!

This was Dio’s rejection. He wasn’t interested in doing anything with Natasha as he knew that it would lead to trouble later.

“I don’t do a hag!” Dio said sternly.

“When did you get Tony’s bad mouth? Did you become his pet now? Speaking of pets, your snail almost got cooked yesterday.” Natasha said as she smirked teasingly.

“Well, if it’s dead, I would like to have a worthy compensation for its death!” Dio said casually with a smirk on his face.

“Well, it is time for me to leave now. But you know, I prefer to deal with the alien than this unknown threat!” Natasha said carefully.

Natasha then put her gun back to its holster and started to walk out of Dio’s restaurant.

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