Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 284


After Dio finished his meeting with Natasha, he quickly called Will in order to meet up with him. Since Jessica introduced him to her hot friend, Will changed!

He was no longer the desperate Will that Dio has known before. In fact, while working, Will kept glancing at his phone, chatting, or calling his girlfriend.

Near the Battle of New York earlier, Dio gave Will a vacation ticket to Hawaii. Dio didn’t know at that moment that Will would also bring his girlfriend along.

After the Alien Invasion was successfully repelled, Dio immediately called Will to see how he was doing, and he was having the time of his life with his girlfriend!

After returning from his vacation, Will and his girlfriend were even more stuck with each other. Will called Dio once he landed in New York, and once Dio said that the restaurant was destroyed, Will was sad, but because he had his girl now, he quickly let it go and filled his day with his girlfriend.

Had it not from Jessica, Dio would never know about Will’s condition anymore. Dio finally arrived at Will’s apartment complex.

Will has upgraded his apartment since he got a lot of money from Dio. As Dio walked into Will’s apartment, Will immediately welcomed him and started telling his story while he was in Hawaii.

But Will immediately stopped talking as soon as his girlfriend walked into the living room. He immediately introduced Dio to her to clear the awkwardness.

“Hello, I am Dio. Will’s best friend!” Dio said with his charming smile.

“I am Una. Jessica has already told me about you, but you are clearly a lot more charming than what she has told me about!” Una said as she giggled beautifully.

Dio could see why Will changed. This black girl was beautiful as well as hot, like summer! There was no doubt Will, who usually hung around prostitutes, would fall head over heels for this beautiful woman! But Dio pitied her for having Will as her boyfriend.

“Brother, come sit! What did you want to drink? Beer? Whiskey?” Will said as he invited Dio to join him on the island.

“No, I am driving! Just give me sparkling water.” Dio said casually.

“I am sorry, but we only have wine for the lowest alcohol level on this house,” Will said apologetically.

Dio sighed and took a bottle of beer that was already on the island. Will then handed over another beer bottle to Una, and he also pulled her over and started a make-out session, which made Dio a little uncomfortable.

As he saw that these two wouldn’t stop, he coughed intentionally to separate the two lovers.

“Sorry, I forgot that you were here!” Will said honestly. Dio was a little bit annoyed and flipped the bird to Will as his friendly answer.

“Now, let’s talk about business. My new restaurant has been renovated, and the location is right in the old Stark Building. Would you like to go there and look?” Dio said casually.

“Wow, it’s already finished? It’s so fast! You didn’t put all your money in it, right?” Will asked worriedly.

“It’s okay; I will get it back eventually,” Dio said with a smirk to Will. Dio knew that Will was the only one who would immediately catch on his stupid decision.

“I also have good news to tell!” Will said excitedly.

“What? Are you going to be a father soon?” Dio asked innocently.

“No! I mean, I will have a child eventually, but it’s not about that! I have participated in Mc Hip Hop Contest! I decided to follow Una’s suggestion and start to pursue my dream as a rapper! Una also promised to be my manager, as long as I win this contest, signing and releasing an album would be easy!” Will said excitedly.

Dio was surprised by Will’s news. He never expected Will to leave his post as Dio’s right-hand man on the restaurant and took a risk to pursue his dream like this.

“Have you thought it over? I knew that you have a rap talent, but people who could pass the audition to that contest would be in the same boat as you are! But, if you are confident about it, I will support you for that!” Dio said as he smiled genuinely.

“I know, I am confident about this! in hip hop, the most important things to have is confident after all!” Will said confidently.

“All right! I will watch the show when it started. If you finally reach the final, don’t forget to let me know!” Dio said with a big smile on his face.

Will’s spot on his restaurant was not that important. He already had the A. I to help him receive calls, and the place was almost fully automated thanks to Stark, and now he even had little Crystal for stuff that has to be done manually.

“The contest would be recorded in LA, and I would leave for LA tomorrow. Originally, I want to tell you as a surprise later, but it doesn’t matter now! How do you feel about this? you will have a big star like your brother later!” Will said teasingly.

“Nah, a big dumb star as a brother is not worth bragging about!” Dio said, teasing Will back.

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