Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 285


Dio knew that Will wouldn’t be his waiter for the rest of his life and so he supported Will’s decision to pursue his dream.

Plus, Crystal wouldn’t have any problem cleaning up the mess that his guest would leave behind as she wouldn’t have to socialize with anyone.

The thing was that Dio had to find out about her power properly first in order to have a controlled environment for her.

So, Dio decided to postpone the reopening of his restaurant for a week and sent invitations to his old customers to let them know the date of the reopening.

In the meantime, Dio was training Crystal about what she needed to do when the customer has left. Dio watched Crystal like a hawk as he must figure out Crystal’s power soon!

But no matter how hard he observed Crystal’s every move, he couldn’t find any abnormalities, plus Dio hasn’t experienced any weird accident lately.

The first accident was the only accident that he had so far!

Although it may be risky to open the restaurant while he still couldn’t find any solution to Crystal’s power, the restaurant still has to be opened!

Dio didn’t like to owe people money, and right now, he still had to pay Tony back for the decoration fee of the restaurant!

  . . . . . . . . . .

Time passed, and the reopening day was finally here! Even though only a few of his old customers could make a reservation for today, many of his old customers sent an appreciative gift for his reopening.

Not to mention, Tony successfully attracted so many eyes as he used the Iron Man suit to make an appearance at Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant Reopening day.

Dio was obviously startled as he didn’t want to draw the media’s attention towards him.

“You didn’t even invite me for your reopening day! How rude! Are you afraid that I would steal your limelight?” Tony said from inside his Iron Man suit to Dio.

Dio was annoyed beyond belief as Tony attracted so many of his fans to Dio’s door. “Don’t you think this is a little bit excessive?” Dio said annoyedly.

“Oh, come on! This is our bromance moment!” Tony said teasingly.

“Bromance your ass! Your existence makes me allergic!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Well, in that case, we have to build up your tolerance, don’t worry, I will come to the restaurant every day!” Tony said teasingly.

Dio became more annoyed, but he couldn’t do anything about it! Right now, there were so many people watching them, and the media was also here!

If he showed that he could kick Iron Man’s ass now, people would start to investigate his identity.

Suddenly, Tony pulled Dio for a photo session and started to wave over to his fans.

“Smiles! Don’t be so stiff!” Tony whispered as Dio was just standing there, doing nothing.

“Shut up, you!” Dio said, holding out his anger.

“Come on, don’t forget that you still owe me 10 million dollar worth of decoration fees!” Tony said teasingly.

“Shut up, Stark! Or I will force you to shut the fuck up!” Dio said coldly.

Tony smirked, but he actually felt the chilling sensation just now. He realized that he had to stop now, or Dio would explode on him.

Fortunately, Tony was already satisfied with teasing Dio for today. Tony then walked towards the people who came because of him and started to chat here and there, leaving Dio alone.

The people that came with Stark was originally wealthy people, but after seeing the price on Dio’s menu and his weird rules, people got scared and declined their intention to dine there. Dio didn’t really care, though, as it wouldn’t affect him that much!

Most of the remaining potential customers that came with Tony were also skeptical about the validity of Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant’s.

If it was not because of Tony and some other big names that vouched for Dio’s authenticity, they might’ve also left with the first group!

Dio didn’t mind at all; he kept his mysterious routine and didn’t care to explain too much about his dish to people.

But Dio surely exchanged some business cards for the interested guests. After all, the best explanation of Dio’s dish could be known as soon as they tasted it themselves!

Soon enough, the people started leaving, as they wouldn’t be able to dine without reservation and thus have nothing else to do in Dio’s restaurant. Right on time, the first reservation of the day came to Dio’s restaurant.

At first, she was a little bit surprised to see so many media in front of the restaurant, but Dio reassured her that the restaurant has the best soundproofing, and people outside wouldn’t know what happened inside.

It wasn’t until the first reservation left with satisfaction on her face that Dio called Crystal out to clean after the customer’s table.

Although Dio hasn’t had an accident this past week, he couldn’t relax until he found out Crystal’s power. He had to stay vigilant, so he didn’t show Crystal to anyone for now.

After all, if the customer received bad luck after dining in Dio’s restaurant, they could associate their bad luck with Dio’s restaurant and chose to never return after that!

Dio also motivated Crystal to work harder to receive even more money that she could use later for anything she wanted!

She took Dio’s advice to heart and started working hard. After all, Dio’s words were right! She shouldn’t rely on Dio’s protection for her whole life. She was even relieved as there was no other accident that happened to Dio in the past week!

Her life has turned for the better. She was living inside a big house with amazing foods in every meal, and even a big salary for a normal work!

She was very grateful for Dio’s benevolence. She hoped Dio would have a long life so that she could stay with him forever!

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