Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 286


After the reopening day has come to an end, Dio calculated his earnings for the day. He successfully earned a few million with a low amount of capital; at this rate, he would be able to pay back Tony’s money real soon!

Crystal then approached Dio with a face full of sweat as she worked hard to clean the mess that the last customer left behind.

“The restaurant is all clean, sir, what else you need me to do?” Crystal said nervously as she felt the fatigue coming in. But she knew that no matter what Dio told her to do, she would do it immediately!

Seeing that Crystal was already finished her works, Dio was satisfied. Initially, he only wanted to let Crystal work for him until Will returned, but now that Will has gone to pursue his dream, having Crystal around was not a bad idea.

“You’ve done a good job! It should be no bonuses on your trial days, but because you’ve already performed so well, I will make an exception this time!” Dio said as he handed over 200 dollars to Crystal’s hands.

Crystal then laughed happily and expressed her gratitude to Dio. The money that Dio gave her just now was her first hard-earned money!

This was proof that her existence had value, and also proved that she wasn’t worthless at all!

“Thank you so much, Mr. Dio! I will work even harder in the future!” Crystal said as she giggled happily.

Seeing the little girl was bouncing out of joy, Dio felt a little bit guilty. He paid Will so much more than what he just gave to Crystal.

Wouldn’t he be called cheap if anyone knew this difference in salary? But then again, he had the excuse that Crystal was only starting today and so she was still in training.

“Now, go take a bath and change your clothes! We will have dinner soon.” Dio said to Crystal casually.

Crystal immediately nodded her head after knowing that she would have another great meal soon. She immediately ran toward the back room, where she put her change of clothes and immediately went straight towards the shower.

Although Dio was in a little bit of a debt situation, he wouldn’t treat his employee badly! He knew that Crystal had malnutrition as she came to Dio, so he needed to gradually treat Crystal with the [Pearl Jam] to slowly restore her condition.

If this meal was calculated according to its price on the menu to Crystal’s salary, Crystal has received more salary than Will!

After they both finished their meal, Dio immediately returned to his bedroom while Crystal went toward her own bedroom.

The night was getting late, and Dio decided to stay in his room tonight, leaving Crystal unobserved for the night!

In the middle of the night, the black mist appeared once again from inside Crystal’s body. It immediately inspected it is surrounding and saw that the dangerous existence that was keeping tabs on Crystal wasn’t there tonight.

It decided to stay observant for a while, but after two hours, it realized that the dangerous existence wouldn’t come, and so it immediately covered Crystal’s body once again.

Crystal, who was sleeping soundly earlier, began to turn and thrash around uncomfortably. Her face was full of horror, anxiety, and nervousness as if she experienced some sort of hellish nightmare.

She struggled to wake up, but the black mist wouldn’t let her do so, it restrained Crystal in the dream world full of a nightmare!

At the same time, Zeppeli’s voice was heard in Dio’s room.

“Sir, Crystal is currently going through a nightmare. Do I have to wake her immediately?” Zeppeli said with its robotic voice.

Today Dio has installed a camera inside Crystal’s room that would be monitored by Zeppeli.

The A.I would immediately notify Dio if Crystal would ever show any indication of having a nightmare. Dio resorted to this action as he had no luck observing Crystal night after night.

Dio immediately wrapped his body in Hamon Energy and silently walked towards Crystal’s door. Dio suddenly opened Crystal’s door and immediately saw that Crystal was covered in a black mist!

Dio was confused as this was his first time seeing something like this, so as he made a move to walk toward Crystal, the black mist suddenly straightened up like a cobra.

“Interesting, this is the first time I ever encountered something like this. what are you?” Dio said as he kept walking towards Crystal.

The black mist transformed quickly into a horrifying creature to scare Dio away, but it didn’t affect Dio at all!

Dio then strengthened the Hamon Energy on his right hand and reached out to the black mist with the intention to grab it.

But as soon as the Hamon Energy touched the black mist, it destroyed the black mist!

Knowing that it wouldn’t stand a chance against Dio in the real world, the black mist immediately retracted itself inside Crystal’s body!

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