Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 292


“My friend clearly told me earlier that you are working with Killian! Did you know that he was the one that razed my house to the ground just now?” Tony asked as he looked at Maya Hansen’s face directly.

But Maya was silent as she didn’t know what to say.

“Now I know that the man was right! You are working for Killian! I guess the bomb that they used for their terrorist activity and to destroy my house is your creation! Isn’t it right?” Tony said coldly.

“But why are you here? This is the only thing that doesn’t make sense to me right now! But let me guess, if the bombing failed to kill me, you would be the one to manipulate me to do your bidding! So, if I am correct, what did you want? Miss Maya Hansen!” Tony said coldly as he looked at Maya’s eyes directly.

Tony was irritated by Pepper’s departure, so he used Maya as the emotional punching bag to divert his attention from his broken heart.

“You are correct, but not entirely! If I say that I am here to save you from Killian, would you believe me?” Maya said as she sighed desperately.

  . . . . . . . . . .

“Where do you want to go? I will take you there as a courtesy!” Dio said to Pepper as he walks into his car.

“Thank you, Dio! I would like to say my thanks for saving me once again, if you didn’t come here today, I am afraid I wouldn’t be standing here right now!” Pepper said politely.

“Save it for later, Pepper! Let’s go!” Dio said casually as he didn’t really know how to deal with someone else’s gratitude.

Pepper immediately get inside Dio’s car, but she was immediately surprised as he saw Crystal was already on the passenger seat.

“Who is this little girl? Is she your sister?” Pepper asked as she opens the back door.

Crystal no longer looked like the Crystal who first came to Dio’s house. Thanks to [Pearl Jam], Crystal’s body was already at the point where her own family wouldn’t be able to recognize her anymore. Now, Crystal looked more feminine and beautiful right now!

“Yeah, she is my sister! But I bet Tony would have asked if she was my daughter!” Dio said as he smiled to Pepper, but Pepper’s face immediately saddened as Dio mentioned Tony’s name. Dio realised that he has just made a mistake!

“I am sorry; his name probably the last thing that you want to hear now!” Dio said as he apologized to Pepper.

“There is no need for you to apologize for that! Tony would always be like that. There is nothing we could do to change that! I am more worried about this little girl that you left alone in the car! The situation back then was scary! You could cause trauma to the child Dio!” Pepper said as she reprimanded Dio a little bit.

Dio knows that Tony would fuck up his relation with Pepper at some point, and Dio was eager to see the drama that would ensue between the two, but he clearly didn’t know what to do now as he thought of Pepper as a friend!

As to clear the awkward situation, Dio turned on the radio so that they could listen to music instead! But, Dio was finally fed up after hearing the song that was played on every single radio station was a sad song!

Dio finally arrived at Pepper’s apartment complex after an awkward drive. This was her home before she moved in with Tony, it still belonged to her, so the best course of action was to use this place once again. As she left Dio’s car, Pepper once again thanked Dio for doing so much for her. She even told Dio that he was a good man and that he must try to find someone to love completely!

Dio swore that Pepper’s behaviour was sad! She was affected by her own decision to leave Tony’s side! But for once, he couldn’t do anything about this situation.

After dropping Pepper off, Dio immediately returned to his restaurant once again. Even though there would be no other customer for today and tomorrow, Dio still wanted to open the restaurant, for there might be some customers coming in the end!

He has already told everything that Tony needed to defeat Killian, so there was nothing else that Dio needed to do for Tony. The only thing left was whether Tony could deal with the Extremist Virus that Killian has developed! But he knew that Tony would eventually find an answer for this, but because of that, Dio wondered, would the time Gem amplify the [World]’s power?

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