Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 293


After returning to the restaurant, Dio immediately noticed that Crystal was acting a little bit weird.

“What’s the matter, Crystal? Are you hungry? Did you have anything to buy?” Dio asked casually.

But Crystal just shook her heads and ran away toward the closet to take cleaning tools and started cleaning the restaurant. Dio was confused as he remembered that Crystal had already cleaned the restaurant before they headed towards Tony’s house.

Unbeknown to Dio, Crystal was having a hard time to calm herself down! Dio has admitted that Crystal was his sister to some stranger! Did Dio really mean that? Or was it just a convenient answer so that the stranger stop asking more questions? Could someone like her really become Dio’s little sister?

Crystal was lost on her own thoughts as she questioned everything from Dio’s perspective!

  . . . . . . . . . . . . .

At the same time, the media has found out about the Attack at Tony’s villa. The media reporter flocked towards Tony’s lake view villa to interview him for his word on this matter. But instead of having a casual report, the news blew out! The Iron Man, a hero who was part of the Avenger that constantly fought against criminals, was beaten by a group of terrorists!

The public was clearly disappointed by Tony’s lacklustre action. Tony’s provocation against the terrorist group earlier was viewed as idiotic and reckless. People started to talk trash about him on the internet as they felt extremely disappointed by Tony’s action. These people on the internet surely were crueller than the terrorist group!

Because of the internet, people were starting to get anxious, and panic began to spread like a virus on the premise that the superheroes couldn’t win against the terrorist group! The phenomenon escalated until Pepper was forced to make a public announcement to clarify that Tony wasn’t defeated by the terrorist group, he was currently preparing to fight off against the terrorist and that he would be seen in public again soon!

Pepper’s word surely brought some assurance to the public, but unfortunately, there were some people who doubted Pepper’s word. Like why Tony never showed up in public or at least came out with the Iron Man suit so that he could be safe!

In such a time, Pepper immediately threw her feeling aside and called Tony to make an appearance to the public. But as the public predicted, Tony didn’t even pick up Pepper’s call! Pepper immediately blamed herself for what was happening right now. She thought that maybe Tony’s disappearance was because of her words at that time!

At the same time, the terrorist appeared again on Tv! The Mandarin told the public directly that he has successfully killed the Iron Man and already threw his body to the sea! Mandarin also told the public, that was the reason why Tony was nowhere to be seen for a long time!

The Mandarin then created even more chaos as he made an announcement that his terrorist group would attack the president next!

The public was immediately silenced after Mandarin made such a declaration. They were worried about who could save America from this terrorist group as even a superhero was already defeated! For a while, the internet has sent their thoughts and prayer for the safety of America, completely forgotten about Tony’s whereabouts as he was declared dead by the Mandarin!

The president immediately ordered Colonel Rhodes to catch the terrorist group before they were able to actualize their plan to attack the White House! The president himself was having a hard time deciding whether to secure himself on a secret base or stand strong inside the White House to show the world that the Americans wouldn’t let a group of terrorists deter them!

“Rhodes! A new order has come! You are about to destroy the terrorist compound in Pakistan!” the Air Force commander told Rhodey as he gave him a new mission.

“Pakistan?” Rhodey said as he frowned at the new mission’s objective.

“Yes, Mr. President was the one who directly gave you this order, he hopes that you could put an end to all this madness!” the commander said strictly.

“I see!” Rhodey said as he immediately prepared to go to Pakistan, he couldn’t refuse the president’s order, even though he knew that this information was not the same information that he heard from Dio earlier! And so, with the Iron Patriot, he flew toward the location that was already given to him beforehand.

At the same time, Captain America and the rest of the Avengers requested to Nick that they should get involved on destroying the Terrorist group, but Nick immediately rejected this proposal as he said that the SHIELD wasn’t the American police, so the terrorist attack wasn’t any of their business!

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