Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 302


The sculpture that Dio threw towards Tony was none other than a road roller sculpture! Dio could say that after throwing such a thing towards Tony, he felt this satisfaction feeling inside him! But Tony wasn’t that easy to defeat! He pulled out another Adamantium Sword from his back and cut the ice sculpture into pieces!

Tony’s armour was made to convert the energy from enemy attack into energy that he could use for activating his suit! So, in a way, even if Tony was getting beaten inside this suit, he would never run out of energy!

So, after receiving enough energy, Tony activated the thruster on his boots to 200%! He immediately flew towards Dio at high speed, while thrusting his sword forward to pierce Dio!

Dio immediately used the power of [Horus] to create layers of ice wall between himself and Tony, but unfortunately, Tony was too fast, and the Adamantium Sword was too sharp for the ice wall to block! So, Tony pierced through the ice wall like butter!

Dio didn’t seem panicked at all! He spun around and caught Tony’s arm while also activating another trick out of his sleeve!

“Ice Cage!” Dio said as the ice wall that was previously destroyed by Tony, gathered around Dio, and suddenly restrained Tony! Dio knew that this Ice Cage was difficult to destroy; in fact, it took hulk a while to break it with a pure brute force!

“It’s over, Tony! Stop this nonsense now!” Dio said with a sigh. He wanted to get this over with and asked Tony what was wrong!

But at the same time, a red light flashed from Tony’s Iron Man Suit!

“Jarvis, lift the safety protocol and release the stored energy at the same time!” Tony said solemnly.

“But Sir! Your body wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact even if it’s covered by the Vibranium Gold Plate!” Jarvis said as a warning to Tony.

“Do as I say, Jarvis! This is an order!” Tony said commandingly. It seemed Tony was hell-bent on defeating Dio!

Jarvis immediately did as Tony told, and the energy stored on Tony’s back burst immediately! The Ice Cage that was holding him was blown into smithereens while Tony himself was also thrown away into the nearby trees!

This time Dio immediately realised that Tony wasn’t himself right now. There was no way Tony would do something this risky if he still thought that Dio was his friend!

“Jarvis, scan the damage my body has sustained! Jarvis?” Tony said as Jarvis’ voice couldn’t be heard again, this meant that his communication device was broken! Tony was irritated, without Jarvis’ help, Tony wasn’t a capable fighter! He would no longer be capable of crossing swords with Dio!

Dio saw that Tony was wobbly after the explosion and so he immediately rushed over and pinned him into the nearby tree!

Even if he was using a Vibranium coated armour, Tony could still feel the pain from being tossed around. As Dio slammed Tony into the ground, he quickly tried to remove Tony’s headpiece to talk with Tony personally!

But as he did so, a gunshot was heard! Dio was in complete disbelief as he saw that his Ice Armour and Hamon Shield was penetrated by a bullet shot through the iron man’s ark reactor! Dio, who has successfully opened Tony’s mask, saw that Tony was smirking underneath the mask!

“I use the remaining adamantium to make this bullet, how was the power? Was it strong enough to get the mysterious grim reaper down to his knees?” Tony said with a smirk on his face.

Dio reached out to hold his wound from bleeding out. He couldn’t believe an adamantium bullet could do this much to him. He knew that the bullet wasn’t the same as the one that was fired with a gun! This was Iron Man’s ark reactor; it has ten times more shooting power than a gun would be! William Stryker had used these bullets once when he was cornered by Wolverine, and he successfully penetrated Wolverine’s adamantium skull easily!

“Are you seriously trying to kill me, Tony?” Dio asked in disbelief.

Like a fire being extinguished with cold water, Tony immediately realized what he had just done! Tony was instantly shocked as he recalled the unexplainable hatred that he felt throughout his battle with Dio. Now, he was panicking as he didn’t know what to do! He began to think that his mind was losing it!

“Jarvis, call an ambulance, pronto! Jarvis?!” Tony said as he ordered Jarvis to call an ambulance, but unfortunately, Jarvis was no longer able to help Tony as his communication device was destroyed when he detonated the reserve energy!

“Surely, Adamantium Bullet was very strong, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be able to kill me!” Dio said as he dug out the silver bullet from the wound and immediately patched the wound up with [White Album] ability!

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