Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 303


“Here! Take it back! Now, consider ourselves a stranger!” Dio said as he threw the blood-covered bullet back to Tony, and Dio immediately stood up and walked away from the shocked Tony! At the same time, Tony was struggling to find his voice to stop Dio from walking away!

“Fuck! What is wrong with me today?” Tony said to himself as he picked up the bloodied bullet and stare at it in guilt. Tony was confused; he wasn’t one to act on anger; in fact, at some point, Tony actually believed that he would kill Dio!

It was clear that Tony never meant this incident to happen, but everything seemed like perfectly weaved for him to act this way; in fact, it seemed like something else has amplified the smallest thought in his heart!

  . . . . . . . . . .

Back to Dio’s restaurant, Dio has finally calmed down and now resting while fixing his wound with the power of [Gold Experience]. He never expected this kind of incident to happen! Now, he knew for sure that the Black Mist was sentient; it clearly improvised its strategy to harm Dio after knowing that a normal accident wouldn’t do!

Dio was pondering about the reason why Tony attacked him like that. There must be a reason for things to happen! At least Dio knew that the Black Mist’s power was still using the universal law of cause and effect!

He began to analyse everything that he knew so far. He knew that the Black Mist worked while manipulating Crystal’s dream, but that was not all! The Black Mist also created an accident that was weird from the beginning, but what was accident to begin with? An accident wais an accumulation of small coincidences that weren’t predicted or planned before hands.

Could the Black Mist amplify the small possibility to happen frequently? If it did, then there might be something that urged Tony to go on rampage like before, there might be some clue that he didn’t know yet!

So, in the spirit to know the truth about Crystal’s power, Dio then called Pepper to ask her about anything that she knew about Tony’s behaviour that day. After talking to Pepper about Tony’s behaviour, Dio was surprised! Not only he learned about why Tony was acting like that, he could also speculate about the black mist’s power too!

Now he knew what to expect, he knew that the Black Mist’s power was still a probability manipulation, but it was on a scale that was much different than what he thought it would be! Dio knew that he must learn every single aspect of this power, and if he could, the situation would be under control!

The good news was that the Black Mist couldn’t manipulate reality, which meant Dio has much more chance to win and control it!

After putting some thought, Dio then looked around and sighed to himself. He knew that he had to leave after the incident with Tony earlier. He couldn’t stay there anymore after such fallout, even when he knew that Tony didn’t really mean it! Moreover, he had to contain the Black Mist first! He couldn’t do that here while the restaurant was almost always open!

So, with no further ado, Dio called Crystal to pack up as he said that they would take a vacation for a while. The two didn’t have that much luggage with them, Dio only needed to bring the Snail, Weapon Box, and some clothes! Crystal brought even less as she didn’t have anything to begin with!

“Zeppeli, book two tickets for me! It doesn’t matter where to, but I want the earliest flight!” Dio ordered Zeppeli the house A.I.

“Do you really need to leave, sir?” Zeppeli asked.

“Yeah, I need to have a vacation after such a tiring occasion! If the customers called here for reservation, just tell them the truth, but don’t tell them where I am going!” Dio said casually.

“Okay, I understand! Now, the earliest flight that you can book based on your time to get there is to England, would you like this flight?” Zeppeli said indifferently.

“That’s perfect! Book two tickets for me!” Dio said excitedly.

Dio couldn’t stop laughing as it seems fate still got bones to pick with him! He was after all, half British! Maybe his parent in heavens would approve of him to look on their ancestry land! So, without further ado, Dio stepped inside the car with Crystal and drove towards the airport!

When Tony finally made his resolve to meet up with Dio to apologize, the restaurant was already empty! Although Zeppeli said that Dio was just going on a vacation, Tony knew that Dio wouldn’t come back here again! After all, Tony knew how much pain the shot earlier caused Dio!

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