Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 304


“Your Majesty, your beauty is like a jewel from the sea!” Dio said praisingly to the queen of England, Dio wouldn’t hold back his praises to the people that could give him so uch riches! The queen herself was satisfied with Dio’s treatment. Her skin has tightened, and now she looked 20 years younger than her real age was!

Her first reaction was shocked as she was very old, and getting back her youth seemed to be impossible! But today, a mysterious doctor that was introduced through some royal family, has successfully to do just that!

“Mr. Dio, you are truly miraculous! Please stay and attend a dinner that I prepared for you! Many young girls would also be there to get to know you better!” Queen Elizabeth said graciously.

“Please, your majesty. I am not a doctor. Although my treatment is undoubtedly real, it is not in the same field of expertise of those who work hard to become a real doctor. I am just a humble guy who was gifted to maximize the effect of the ingredients that I use for cooking.” Dio said respectfully. After dealing with so many European aristocrats for almost a year, Dio has figured out how to praise them so that he could get the maximum amount of payment after his treatment!

And sure enough, Queen Elizabeth would be very satisfied with Dio’s sincerity and modesty!

  . . . . . . . . . .

Dio immediately left the Buckingham Palace with Crystal. He held a black box in his hands that was filled with his payment for the queen’s treatment!

“Mr. Dio, do we really have to attend the banquet this evening?” Crystal asked curiously. She has matured enough that people wouldn’t call her a kid anymore. She also looked gorgeous for a girl her age!

“What? You don’t want to go?” Dio asked casually. Dio’s appearance has slightly changed, too, now he looked much more refined after dressing up like an English gentleman. He immediately drove towards his hotel to rest for a bit before the banquet.

Crystal nodded her head as she was already tired of the pretentious smile and laughter from the people attending the banquet! From Crystal’s perspective, this banquet was pointless! She also didn’t want the girl inside the banquet to get close with Dio as she hated the pretentious people the most!

“If you really don’t want to go, you can wait for me inside the hotel room. It would be rude of me to refuse the queen’s invitation.” Dio said casually.

“if that’s the case, then I will come with you!” Crystal said as she sighed tiredly. Crystal’s attitude didn’t change much; she was still cold to strangers and still followed Dio around like a puppy.

Dio smiled at Crystal and messed with her hair a little! Since the past year, Dio and Crystal have travelled across Europe! Just like most people, they also happily enjoyed some tourist sites as they came across a new country. In order to resolve the Black Mist problem from Crystal once and for all, Dio needed a lot of gold! He had to find a Stand that could infiltrate Crystal’s dream, only the he could stand on an equal ground with the black mist!

Dio also occasionally thought of the people he left behind, like Will, Jessica, Kristin, and the others that he hasn’t contacted in a year! Plus, Dio still had his brutal tendencies as he almost beat some young man to death from trying to steal from Dio’s pocket, but overall, Dio has changed significantly!

  . . . . . . . . .

After arriving at the hotel, Dio took a shower and ordered some food and tea to enjoy with Crystal.

“How long do we going to stay in London this time? Where do we go next?” Crystal asked as she finished eating her food.

“Well, I think we could do one more treatment before leaving, how about we go to Asia next?” Dio said casually.

“Asia? It sounds exciting! I never go there before!” Crystal said excitedly.

Dio smiled at Crystal warmly, although for a year the Black Mist never showed itself again, but Dio knew that it could strike again at any time! He had tried to pull some good stuff from the gacha system six months ago, but as he expected, he was never lucky!

But this time, he was determined to convert all his money except the amount that he would use for expenses, to gold! He was determined to get the [Death Thirteen] one way or another!

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