Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 305


Dio got a total of 4.200 Gold Bars after converting 20-million-dollar worth of cash! This meant that he could do 10x draw 420 times! Dio’s Hamon energy at this time was at 900.000, which meant that once he got to 1 million, another Stand slot would be unlocked, making 5 in total!

At this point, Dio no longer did the shenanigans that he used to do before drawing from the gacha system! After 20 draws, Dio was annoyed as he didn’t get anything worth mentioning from the draw! In his 50th draw, he finally got something unusual!

[Morioh Town – Tourist Card]: You can enter the town of Morioh, where you can enjoy the excellent fusion restaurant of Italy and Japan. Note: any item that a player got from the town while visiting can’t be taken out of the town, also be careful of the office workers after midnight!

  . . . . . .

Dio was furious after he reads the item’s description. He found no use of such an item as he knew that there was no way this item was useful! Furthermore, what was “be careful of office workers” during the nights supposed to mean? This item was nonsense!

Dio kept drawing for a better item, but for the next 50 draws, he still got nothing! Dio kept chanting ‘This is normal!’ in his head as he tried his best to remain patient with this bullshit draw! After 220 draws, Dio only got a fragment of [Stand Arrow], a blue pet card, and a useless one-time use [The Lock] Stand!

‘Stand Name: The Lock

Description: It’s just a lock!

Type: Automatic Stand

Ability: Lock

Ability description: Create a Lock in a person’s heart!


Destructive power: E

Speed: E

Range: A

Sustainability: A

Precision: E

Growth: E

Evaluation: another candidate for the worst Stand beside [Hermit Purple]!

  . . . . . .

After reading the description for [The Lock], Dio was furious. He was displeased beyond belief! But as he knew that nothing he could do to change the way the system worked! He immediately continued his draw.

But the next thing that happened shocked Dio, the gacha system suddenly shone in bright light, and as he was trying to look at what he got, he finally got another permanent Stand!

Stand Name: Red Hot Chili Pepper

Description: an electric substitute with a twist!

Type: Long Distance Stand

Ability: Electric Absorption

Ability Description: can absorb electricity!


Destructive Power: A

Speed: A

Range: A

Sustainably: A

Precision: C

Growth: A

Evaluation: the potential is huge!

  . . . . . . .

Dio was surprised as he got an excellent permanent stand for the first time in a while! In fact, this Stand was really good. The only thing that it lacked was the precision, which could be resolved by his own ability to use the ability creatively later!

This [Red Hot Chili Pepper] was one of the best Stand, it was one of the Stands that Dio wrote on his list of Stands as it was the fastest! It could easily fight against the Platinum Star once it absorbed the lightning power of a town!

This Stand could also travel through the electric wire, making it hard to detect! It may be true that [Red Hot Chili Pepper] could be considered weak if it was used to fight against the opponent inside a jungle or a desert, where an electrical discharge was nowhere to be found!

But if it was used in the city, [Red Hot Chili Pepper] may undoubtedly become one of the strongest! Dio was also waiting for his next encounter with Thor. He would easily charge his [Red Hot Chili Pepper] without doing anything!

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