Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 306


At the last moment of the draw, Dio finally could breathe in relief. Although he didn’t get that many useful things, he got the Stand that he needed in his attempt to defeat the Black Mist!

One Time Use Stand Card: Death thirteen

Description: a Stand that invades the dream of a sleeping person!

Type: Close Range Stand

Ability: Dream World Control

Ability Description: invade the dream of a sleeping person close to the user.


Destructive Power: C

Speed: C

Range: E

Sustainability: B

Precision: D

Growth: B

Evaluation: Can kill a person in a dream!

  . . . . . .

Dio was satisfied to see the grim reaper like the Stand in front of him. This Stand was the best choice for invading someone else’s dream, if he was correct, Crystal’s ability had something to do with the Black Mist’s power, and that also had something to do with the dream world!

So even if this Stand was only a one-time use card, it was still precious! In addition to this Stand, Dio also got a Stand that he never saw before! The name was [Space Card], he was sure that the Stand has never appeared in JoJo’s novel before! Furthermore, the Stand could lock an object inside a playing card, although it was convenient to have such a Stand, the Stand itself didn’t have any appearance and status!

In the last couple of draws, Dio also got a [CD Drive]! Apparently, this item could copy a Stand after the previous owner was dead within the time span of 30 seconds!

  . . . . . .

For the balance of the game, this [CD Drive] was quite useful! It could store a Stand from another person who also had a Stand into a one-time use stand! But as he thought it over, he came to the conclusion that this item was also useless! The one who could use a Stand in this world was only himself and the snail!

But he suddenly thought of the Morioh Town Tour Card that he deemed useless before, he suddenly thought of using the card inside the Morioh Town, he wondered if it would work if he used it like that. If it could work, he might be able to get [Killer Queen], [The Hand], [Bad Company], and more!

He was unsure whether this method could work, but otherwise, these two items really were useless!

After that, Dio consumed all Hamon Beads that he got from the draw and increased his Hamon Pool to 1.25 Million! The 5th Stand slot was finally unlocked, making it easier for him to switch between Stands! He no longer felt like a beginner now!

But after the 5th slot opened, a new function appeared on Dio’s phone! And that function was [Alternative Melting Pot]! It had a function to melt and fused two Stands of the user choice that would create a new random Stand!

But the catch was the new Stand was random! That meant Dio could still get a useless stand out of it! Let’s just say if he fused [The Lock] and [Hermit Purple] together, he might get [Killer Queen], but the other possibility might also happen, he could fuse [The World] and [King Crimson] together and only got [Pearl Jam] out of it!

Using this function was a complete waste! Dio made a promise to himself to never use this function ever! Although he needed to get stronger to fight Thanos quickly, he was not that greedy!

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    He could also just use the lock and hermit purple? I mean he just said that and anyways they’re literally the two worst stand’s

    Never mind they wouldn’t have written it in if he wasn’t going to use it.

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