Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 307


Dio then walked out of the room after he was out of gold, he walked towards the front desk of the hotel and asked for a deck of playing card to test out the mysterious Stand that he got earlier! If it worked like what he envisioned, he could travel lightly! All he needed was his deck of cards, and all would be there!

After that, he walked out of the hotel and found an empty spot for him to test out the [Red Hot Chili Pepper] out. He found out that this Stand was even faster than the Hanged Man! But he also found out that once the [Red Hot Chili Pepper] ran out of electricity, just like a toy that ran out of battery, it became slower and soon stopped moving completely.

This made Dio realize that if he wanted to fight using the [Red Hot Chili Pepper], he needed to recharge it first!

After finishing up his experiment, Dio felt satisfied, and now he focused his attention on finding the right time to use the [Death Thirteen] to invade Crystal’s dream! The [Death Thirteen] that he had was a one-time use Stand, so he had to do it properly!

. . . . . . . .

In the evening, Dio attended the banquet that was hosted by Queen Elizabeth with Crystal, who dressed beautifully right behind him. The Queen, who was happy for getting so many praises from her guests, introduced Dio to one royalty after another in the British Kingdom!

All the noble showed interest in Dio’s miraculous treatment as all of them wanted to regain their youth and beauty again!

Many girls tried to flirt with Dio too, as they were interested after seeing Dio’s perfect figure. But sadly, Dio wasn’t in the mood to get close to any of these ladies. In the end, Dio was trying to get away from the ladies going after him during the banquet!

After the banquet was over, Dio sighed in relief as he could finally leave! Furthermore, Dio didn’t want to get involved with the royalty drama in British royalty as it was one of the messiest royal families in the world.

“Mr. Dio, did you really want to treat all those women earlier?” Crystal asked as they drove toward the hotel.

“Well, we need the money if we want to continue living lavishly like this,” Dio said casually.

“Didn’t we already make a lot of money earlier? Isn’t that enough?” Crystal asked confusedly. She saw how much money Dio has made during a year that they travelled Europe together. The amount of money that Dio has wasn’t something that could easily be spent in a short amount of time, but she didn’t know that Dio has already spent almost all of it earlier!

After hearing Crystal’s question, Dio felt a little awkward as he didn’t know how to explain that he has already spent it all! He couldn’t just explain it to Crystal that he used it all for buying gold that he immediately used to increase his power!

So Dio thought for a while and then found a sort of plausible answer!

“Now, for a lot of people, this amount of money could be more than enough, but for some, that amount of money was not enough to make another choice in life. For this kind of people, the more option that you have in life, the better! do you understand what I just said?” Dio asked Crystal solemnly.

“So, Mr. Dio is saying that some people don’t live for the money, but choose to live a life that they want? Does that mean Mr. Dio worked hard to make the amount of money because you have your own goal that you must achieve? If that’s the case, then I would like to work hard too in the future!” Crystal said solemnly.

“Yes, that was my point!” Dio said as he reluctantly nodded his head to Crystal’s conclusion. Dio’s words were bullshit that he had to conjure up just now! But he was glad that Crystal took it positively.

“If that’s the case, I will try to help you as best as I can!” Crystal said determinedly.

Dio nodded his head aimlessly, but he was suddenly interrupted by the knock on his car window while he was at traffic.

“Yeah, is there anything that I can help you with?” Dio asked the woman that knocked his window as he opened the window.

“No, sorry! I thought you are someone I knew!” the woman said nervously.

“If that’s the case, can you please stop following me?” Dio said rather annoyedly.

“Yeah, sure! Sorry for that!” the woman said as she left.

The woman sighed as she returned to her car. Her friends inside the car were confused about her behaviour.

“Who is that man? Why did you seem afraid of him?” the woman’s friend asked curiously.

“No! I just met the wrong person. I thought I knew him from somewhere!” the woman said awkwardly.

But the truth was, she saw Dio before at the incident in New Mexico, and she was afraid of him as his power was inhumane!

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