Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 308


In the next few days, Dio took Crystal around England as he cooked for the royalties one by one. On the night, Dio left Crystal alone in order to bait the black mist to come out once more! It seems the black mist was afraid of Dio’s Hamon Energy, and so during year that Dio was constantly around Crystal, the black mist never showed up, not even once!

“Hey, handsome, are you alone?” A woman said as she approached Dio seductively.

“No, I am waiting for someone,” Dio said indifferently. He had rejected a handful of women tonight, and this woman wouldn’t be an exception! But to Dio’s surprise, this woman was persistent!

“I’ve observed you for these past couple days, and you are always alone! I guess the person that you are waiting for didn’t exist, did it?” The woman said knowingly.

Dio immediately finished up his glass and ordered another one to the bartender.

Knowing that Dio was purposely ignoring her, the woman became more frustrated and immediately opened her leg to show her panties to Dio. But Dio just rolled his eyes as he wasn’t interested in her.

“You picked the wrong target now, woman! This is not the right time! Now, take that drink for yourself, and consider yourself warned! I am not a patient man, don’t force me!” Dio said coldly. He immediately left a couple of Dollar bills for the payment of his drink and then immediately got up to leave the bar.

The woman was still at loss as this was the first time that she was outright rejected like this! If it weren’t because of Dio’s delightful appearance and the thick wallet inside his pocket, she wouldn’t even bat an eye!

She ignored the beer that the bartender had served for her, and then she immediately chased after Dio! She was curious, for she never failed before! However, as she walked outside the bar to chase after Dio, she no longer saw him anywhere! She stomped her feet in frustration as she had lost one target for the night!

. . . . . . . . .

At the same time, when Dio was about to leave, he suddenly received a notification from his phone. The black mist took the bait! Dio has already prepared several cameras inside the hotel rooms where Crystal slept!

After receiving the notification, Dio immediately rushed towards the hotel with the fastest speed that he could! He used [Red Hot Chili Pepper] to get to the hotel faster as it was the fastest Stand that he had.

Once Dio was inside the hotel room, he immediately entered Crystal’s room, surprising the black mist that didn’t expect Dio’s arrival. The black mist immediately retreated to Crystal’s body, but this was the time that Dio was waiting for!

Dio immediately summoned [Death Thirteen] and ordered it to enter Crystal’s dream! The black mist was startled by Dio’s power. This was another thing that it never accounted for! It never thought for a second that Dio could invade someone else’s dream! It could easily block Dio’s access to Crystal’s dream, but it was too startled to do so!

The Black Mist was furious as it felt like being underestimated to the core! It immediately chased after Dio inside Crystal’s dream to fight him on its own turf! The black mist was determined to get Dio out of the picture forever this time!

Once the Black Mist entered Crystal’s dream again, the room was calm once again. Crystal was back to sleep without any nightmare once more.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Dio found himsel in a pitch black darkness! He and the [Death Thirteen] were clearly out of place here! They didn’t belong here at all!

“Why is this place so dark? Is this how Crystal’s dream looks?” Dio said to himself confusedly. He didn’t know what to think as the scene was completely out of his expectation.

But Dio remembered that Crystal once told him that her dreams were completely black, and there is nothing that she could see in there, but once she got close to Dio, it was a radiating sun! Very warm and bright!

From that memory, Dio immediately tried to activate his Hamon Energy, and to his surprise, it worked! His body was radiating bright light, slowly dispelling the darkness around him!

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