Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 309


Hamon Energy itself was the power that was supposed to emit the sun’s energy! So, a Hamon Master was in regard was the sun itself! It wasn’t only effective against creatures of the night, but it could also expel the darkness! With that knowledge, Dio finally realised why the black mist was so afraid of him all this time.

But Dio wouldn’t show any pity for a thing that has made the life of a little girl this miserable! Dio then illuminated the place to expel the darkness that was surrounding the place from every corner, until at last, he found Crystal lying on the ground!

. . . . . . . .

“Stop! Stop torturing me!” Crystal said in front of Dio.

Dio frowned as he suddenly saw a horrific scene. Crystal was crying on her knees while the scene kept changing, but all of them had one thing in common, they all were the scene that took a lot of people’s lives! Dio realised that this was the black mist’s power! He controlled Crystal’s mind and made this scene a reality!

Dio noticed that at the end of every scene, he was dead!

But as Dio tried to approach Crystal, the scene stopped, and suddenly everyone in the scene turned their head towards Dio and said in a creepy voice, “Get out! I am the master of this place!”

. . . . . . .

Dio ignored this creepy scene and headed straight towards Crystal, who was still crying on her knees. But the Black Mist immediately stopped Dio’s advance by summoning the entire Avenger in front of Dio.

They suddenly attacked Dio together while shouting for Dio to back down!

Dio sighed and immediately shrouded his body with so much Hamon Energy that he emitted light itself! He then rushed forward and punched Hawkeye on his chest, sending him flying, unmoved! Dio threw another punch that was directed towards Natasha, and successfully broke her neck!

Dio then summoned the [Reaper’s Gaze] by thinking about it, he succeeded, and the scythe appeared in his hands! Dio then smirked and rushed towards the Hulk and easily decapitated the green giant, then he rushed towards Iron Man and split him into two, while he also did the same with Thor, but he also split the Mjolnir into two while he was at it!

“Counterfeit items have always been low quality!” Dio said as he massacred all the Avenger in one fell swoop!

Dio knew that he was inside a dream, so the mental state was the most important thing that he must have to hold his own ground and destroy this Black Mist! If he could maintain his mental state, nothing inside this space would be able to affect him! After all, everything inside a dream was nothing more than an illusion!

Dio also had the same power that the black mist had! [Death Thirteen] had the power to control a dream!

The scene kept changing, and this time, Dio was in the middle of the desert while the Chitaury army swarmed the portal once again! Dio laughed at the scene in front of him as the Black Mist has come up with something stupid.

“Did you think these lizardmen would be able to do anything to me? Even in reality, I am not afraid of them!” Dio said, while laughing hard. Dio then ordered [Death Thirteen] to summon a bunch of [Star Platinum] to attack the Chitauri Army!

With the abysmal power of the [Star Platinum] army, the Chitauri army was decimated in a matter of seconds! This was the true length of Dio’s mental prowess. He wouldn’t lose to anyone on this one!

Knowing that it didn’t have any chance of winning against Dio this way, the black mist changed the scene once again! This time, it brought Dio to the natural disasters biome, where Dio was in the middle of a Tsunami, Volcanic Eruption, Tornado, and even lightning storm!

Dio was overwhelmed by the natural disaster power. There was no way to resist this kind of disaster easily! However, Dio kept his composure and stood in the middle of everything while being motionless! He let the wind blew his hair, Tsunami and lava drowned him, and the lighting hit him head-on!

He knew that it was all fake, and all he had to do now was just persevere through it all!

The black mist immediately called upon a meteor on Dio’s position as it noticed that Dio has not moved from his spot, but as soon as the meteor nearly hit the ground with Dio in the middle of it, Dio disappeared!

“It seems I have overestimated you for a moment!” Dio said as he appeared near the black mist!

Dio suddenly roared, and every disaster scene around him was dispelled!

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