Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 310


After Dio dispelled the disaster scene, he found himself in the middle of London once again, stared by countless of people. While Dio noticed that the people’s face was covered by a black mist, he realised that everyone was staring at him!

Dio also noticed that his dead bodies with various causes of death were lying on the ground! He looked around and found Crystal weeping under one of his dead body! Dio took a step towards her, but he immediately stopped as everyone that was staring at him earlier immediately stood between him and Crystal!

“Leave! If you take one more step, you will die!” everyone said indifferently. The combination of old, young, men, and woman voice was eerie, but for Dio, this was nothing than empty threats!

“Are you not going to show up by yourself? Don’t fight me if you are afraid to fight me head-on!” Dio said as a taunt for the Black Mist! Dio then walked forward towards Crystal, ignoring the warning that everyone said earlier.

But as he walked towards Crystal, the people earlier immediately jumped towards him in order to stop him, but Dio immediately cut them with his scythe! The Black mist wasn’t done yet! He kept resurrecting those that Dio had killed and kept Dio in place! While Dio may be walking towards Crystal, the Black Mist easily played with Dio’s perception and made it so Dio would never get close to Crystal!

Dio was annoyed! “Did you think you are the only one who has the ability to control her dreams?” Dio said as he immediately ordered [Death Thirteen] to overturn the world, tossing everything around randomly, while Dio and Crystal were left unaffected!

The Black Mist tried to control its world back in order, but nothing it did had any effect on Dio! The Black Mist then transformed into Dio himself and stood in front of Dio, blocking him from reaching Crystal.

“You are special! But no one can beat me inside my own world!” The black mist said as it looked over to Dio with its black eyes! Dio was confused by the black mist’s way of thinking. What would it accomplish by turning into Dio while it would never be able to use the Hamon Energy!

Dio tried to attack the doppelganger of himself with the scythe, but the black mist dodged the attack and launched a counter-attack of its own! Dio found it interesting to see the black mist was trying to one-up him using his own power!

And so, Dio used the one thing that was impossible for the black mist to copy, his Hamon Energy! Dio then concentrated so much Hamon Energy on his palms and then rushed towards the Black Mist while abandoning the scythe on his hand!

“[Sunlight Yellow Overdrive]!” Dio said as he punched the black mist right in its chest! The black mist couldn’t handle Dio’s sun-infused attack, and it couldn’t move after receiving such a devastating attack!

Dio wouldn’t give mercy for the black mist! He rushed towards the Black Mist and used his [Sunlight Yellow Overdrive] repeatedly!

Once Dio was done, the Black Mist was reduced into a black tar on the ground! With the Black Mist losing to Dio, the dreamland once again filled with light! Dio then walked towards Crystal who was still crying, and he immediately sat by Crystal’s side.

“Remember when I told you, I really hated crybaby?” Dio said endearingly to Crystal.

“Mr. Dio?” Crystal said as she felt the warmth that was coming from Dio.

“Why would you cry? Did you have a nightmare? Do you want to tell me about it?” Dio asked nicely.

“I saw you die in front of me many times! I am so scared. I told them to stop! But it keeps repeating!” Crystal said as she kept crying.

“Don’t worry; it’s over! It’s just a nightmare. None of it would happen!” Dio said endearingly.

“Really? You promise?” Crystal said childishly.

“Of course! Why would I lie?” Dio said warmly.

“Mr. Dio, could you do one thing for me?” Crystal asked shyly.

“What is it?” Dio asked curiously.

“Could you please, just die now?” Crystal said as her eyes suddenly turned black!

The entire dream world once again fell into darkness! The black liquid flowed out of Crystal’s eyes, mouth, and noses, enveloping Dio!

“Stupid Man! Enjoy the last few moments of your pathetic life! I will take over this body completely now!” new Crystal in black dress said coldly.

Dio finally realised the truth behind Crystal’s power. The black mist was Crystal herself all along! Although it seemed like a different personality! This black Crystal was the personality that she developed when she was a child! This personality was the result of repressive thought that Crystal had when she lost her family!

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