Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 311


The Black Crystal was all alone in the darkness! She felt every negative emotion that Crystal felt! Loneliness, depression, sadness, despair, torture! But for Black Crystal, this emotion was energy, as she felt her power growing while Crystal kept suffering!

But after the black Crystal has amassed enough power, she finally had enough of Crystal’s stupidity and wanted to control the body for herself! She wanted everyone on this earth to feel everything that she had felt. She wanted the world to grief in pain and loss!

She almost succeeded if Dio had not interfered! Crystal almost completely shut her heart, but Dio completely opened it back up! It was all because Crystal felt the warm radiance from Dio that day! The black Crystal was desperate to kill Dio off so that Crystal could fall into despair once again! But it was proven to be tough, as no matter what she envisioned seemed to work against Dio!

How could a person radiate such strong sunlight? Crystal wondered again and again.

After Dio caught it red-handed, the black Crystal laid low and hid on the deepest part of Crystal’s heart, waiting for her opportunity to emerge again! But the worst possible case kept happening for the black Crystal. She couldn’t come out as Dio was always around Crystal!

When she was trying to use her power again, she was always busted! The constructed nightmare was shattered, and Dio had weakened her significantly as a part of her kept getting destroyed!

One time that Dio was careless and left Crystal unchecked, black Crystal successfully pitted the iron man against Dio, but sadly, Iron Man also failed to kill Dio, and the result was rather annoying as Dio never left Crystal’s side after that!

However, she patiently waited for her moment, gathering up her power little by little, waiting for one opportunity to strike! But sadly, Crystal’s life has turned for the better. She no longer felt any pain, remorse, despair, and all the other negative emotion that was supposed to fuel Black Crystal’s power!

In other words, Black Crystal has become desperate to use any little chance she had to use her power and kill Dio once and for all! She didn’t like it when Crystal was happy and laughed around with Dio. She didn’t like it when Crystal had a dream for her future. She didn’t like it when she had to hide in the darkness on the corner of Crystal’s heart!

The happier Crystal became, the more hateful the Black Crystal was! She had arrived at the point that she wouldn’t let Crystal happy ever again! She couldn’t wait to make Crystal’s life miserable again! And the quickest way to do so was to kill Dio!

If Crystal saw that Dio was killed in front of her, she would break! Her mind would collapse, and that would be the time that she took over Crystal’s body!

This was her goal! Her ultimate plan to get everything she wanted! But once again, Dio came and crushed her plan! The bastard who wouldn’t die, no matter how hard she tried and how creative she got!

Now, he even came to her world and took it over easily!

This man was too powerful for black Crystal! She couldn’t hold it anymore; the world was so unfair to her! She was created out of the darkness that ruled the world as a whole! But it was okay now. Crystal has created a black hole that would swallow Dio completely! There was no way that he would escape this one!

At least that was how she thought things would go, as Radiant light could dispel darkness, boundless darkness could swallow the light!

. . . . . . . .

Now, black Crystal was trying hard to turn her Dark Power into a huge black hole, ready to swallow Dio at any moment. In the face of this true darkness, no trace of light could radiate! But, in this desperate moment, Dio, who was wrapped in layers of darkness, sighed and decided to shatter black Crystal’s hope.

“Did you think for a moment that you have won by trapping me inside this endless darkness?” Dio said indifferently.

“Is that your last word?” Black Crystal said amusingly.

“Did you know that my power comes from my soul? If you know that you would have run away a long time ago!” Dio said indifferently.

“Smash the world!” Dio shouted as [The World] immediately stopped the time! Even inside this Dreamscape, [The World] could still use its power and stopped the time just fine! After all, Stand was just an extension of someone’s spirit! So, there was nothing in this world that could stop Dio from summoning it!

Dio’s Hamon Energy illuminated through Black Crystal’s complete darkness, radiating in waves that melted the darkness completely!

After a few seconds, the darkness was completely gone, upturned by the new sun!

“You lose!” Dio said to black Crystal that instantly fell to the ground as the time resumed again. Black Crystal’s body gradually became transparent little by little. She was about to disappear as she couldn’t resist Dio’s power!

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