Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 312


“Lose? Hahaha, your delusion was getting the best out of you! look below you if you don’t believe me!” Black Crystal said with an evil grin on her face.

Dio looked down and frowned as he saw another Crystal in white clothes lying underneath a bubble-like substance.

“Do you want to die that badly?” Dio said as he strangled black Crystal’s neck. Dio then transmitted his Hamon Energy to Black Crystal, causing her to scream loudly!

“Just kill me, we will see what happen! She and I are one! If I die, she will lose a piece of her, and she will feel the pain, desperation, sadness, and loneliness that I felt all this time! In turn, she would cease to exist, and I would return anew!” Black Crystal said confidently while laughing out loud.

Dio frowned and let black Crystal fall to the ground. Dio even dampened the radiating wave of Hamon Energy that he let loose.

“What do you mean? Explain now!” Dio said commandingly.

“I won’t tell you if you don’t beg for it!” Black Crystal said teasingly while laughing like a maniac.

Dio had enough. He didn’t even care now. If black Crystal’s words were true, he just had to find another way to save Crystal. He then squished Black Crystal’s throat. As she died from Dio’s strangle, her lifeless body turned into a countless little speck of darkness.

Dio immediately ordered [Death Thirteen] to swallow all the darkness that scattered everywhere. Dio was taking a risk here, as he didn’t know what would happen once the [Death Thirteen] disappeared since it was only a temporary stand.

But he decided to think of the consequences later. There was no need for that now!

After the [ Death Thirteen] absorbed all the darkness, Dio then looked at the black Crystal’s memory that was also swallowed by [Death Thirteen]. Destroying the Black Crystal’s existence would result in Crystal regaining the memory that Black Crystal absorbed for her nutrient!

That meant that Crystal would know what happened all this time, and the burden of knowing that she really was the one who killed everyone that she held dear would be enough to shock her to the core!

Sometimes, there were things that would be better forgotten, or even better, not knowing.

Dio knew if he let Crystal regained black Crystal’s memories, then Crystal would become the black Crystal herself! So, Dio quickly thought things through! What should he do to keep Crystal safe without receiving any of the damage that she would get later?

So, Dio quickly descended to Crystal’s deepest memories. Dio stared into the void for a while and then noticed that the void wasn’t normal!

“Black Crystal! I know that you are in here! Come out now!” Dio said commandingly.

“You are a strange one. Now that you know the truth, what would you do? How would you erase me, after knowing that the real Crystal would be crazy after knowing the truth! So, here I am! Make your choice now.” black Crystal said while laughing.

“You know, I no longer have the power to resist your attack. Your insignificant attack would be devastating to me! So, with that in mind, do your worst! Make sure that you kill me in one blow!” Black Crystal said solemnly.

“Did you just threaten me?” Dio asked coldly.

“Threat? You think highly of me! What I want is Crystal to have a miserable life, but if I am not there to watch it happen, it would no longer serve a purpose!” Black Crystal said indifferently.

Dio then stared at Black Crystal intently. He was at a crossroads here. He believed that Crystal could endure the pain, but at the same time, he doubted it! So, after a while, Dio took another risk.

“What? Did you change your mind? You are too kind; it might be the reason that you could become Crystal’s brother! you two are too kind to other people! This is ridiculous!” Black Crystal said annoyedly.

“She even likes you more than she ever liked anyone; she even had something that she wanted to tell you, but she never had the courage to tell you herself! She is a coward! A coward that would run to his brother’s side as soon as something that she doesn’t like comes up! I fucking hate that bitch!” black Crystal said furiously.

“No, you are wrong! I know that Crystal was stronger than what you know! In fact, she might be way stronger than me!” Dio said endearingly.

Dio then approached black Crystal and hugged her endearingly as this was the only plan that he could think of, making black Crystal feel loved!

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  1. Ah yes, The Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia) method of resolving an evil/resentful half, embracing the dark half and giving it kindness, because it too, is a part of the person.

  2. so cliche..

  3. Fachi07 _ says:

    This is so cliche i want to erase this from my head canon and just say that he erased the memories

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