Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 313


Dio was standing by Crystal’s bedside. He wiped the tears from Crystal’s eyes and then left the room before Crystal was awake! In the end, Dio decided to purify the Black Crystal completely. He knew that leaving Black Crystal behind would cause trouble later, so he didn’t want that burden in Crystal’s mind later!

After more than a year together, Dio has developed a soft spot for Crystal. Dio didn’t want to lose the bond that both of them shared, but Dio knew that Crystal would somewhat change after this. If what the Black Crystal thought was real, then that meant Crystal would know that she was the one who killed all the people that were close to her, but then again, Dio was determined that he could help Crystal if the time came.

After Dio left the room, the 30-minute mark of [Death Thirteen] passed, the dream Stand quietly disappeared from Crystal’s dream. But unbeknown to Dio, a thin strand of hair were left behind where [Death Thirteen] once stood. It may look like a normal hair at first, but upon closer inspection, the hair was wriggling! It suddenly delved deeper into Crystal’s mind, disappearing between so many memories!

. . . . . . . .

“What’s the matter, Mr. Dio? Why are you looking at me like that? did I have something on my face?” Crystal asked confusedly as Dio kept staring at her. They are currently eating breakfast, and Dio was eager to see what Crystal would do.

“No, there is nothing, I am just wondering, did you sleep well last night?” Dio asked Crystal casually.

“I feel like I had a tiresome dream, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad.” Crystal said as he tried to recall what her dream was like. Dio remained silent, he didn’t know how to tell Crystal everything that happened last night.

“If you don’t feel so good, you can stay here and rest,” Dio said solemnly.

“No way! I am Mr. Dio’s assistant! I wouldn’t let you go by yourself!” Crystal said confidently. But at the same time, Dio was surprised that Crystal didn’t act meek like always.

“If you really want to go, then it’s up to you, but tell me if there’s anything wrong, okay?” Dio said commandingly. “Did you remember something today?” Dio asked right after.

“What? Did I forget something?” Crystal asked confusedly.

Dio frowned as he learned that there was nothing wrong with Crystal. He wondered what happened right now. Was Crystal just acting though in front of him, or what Black Crystal has predicted didn’t happen at all? Dio even began to wonder whether he successfully erased all Black Crystal’s presence inside Crystal’s mind, or he failed!

At the same time, Crystal was thinking hard about anything that she could possibly forget, but she couldn’t think of anything! As soon as she started to think hard, she felt an extreme pain on her head that made her cry in pain!

Dio was startled to hear Crystal scream while holding her head in pain. He instinctively discharged a wave of his Hamon Energy that usually calmed Crystal down, but this time, it wasn’t working! Dio then immediately picked Crystal up on the thought that he would immediately bring Crystal to the hospital, but as soon as he picked her up, Crystal immediately stopped screaming.

“How do you feel? are you feeling better??” Dio asked confusedly.

“I don’t know, Mr. Dio! I tried to remember what that I’ve forgotten, but suddenly my head hurts like it was pierced by a hundred needles! Suddenly a blurry picture flashed quickly in my mind! I tried not to think about it, and finally it stopped hurting!” Crystal said while holding her head.

Dio began to wonder whether Crystal’s headache came from her memories that were starting to return after it was released from Black Crystal’s hold. But from the reaction that Crystal showed just a moment ago, he knew that Crystal needed to forget about all this!

“Stop thinking about it; there is no need to!” Dio said solemnly.

Crystal nodded her head and then remembered that she was still lying on Dio’s arms! She blushed and immediately sat up straight, still flustered.

“Now, go change your clothes if you really want to go with me! It’s time for us to go!” Dio said endearingly.

She immediately got up and ran toward her rooms while smirking happily. Dio, who just got up and walked towards the window, missed the black mist that flashed on Crystal’s eyes!

. . . . . . . . . .

“I hope that I can see you again later, handsome gentleman! It’s a bit lonely to drink a glass of wine on this kind of night alone.” A beautiful young woman flirted with Dio as her treatment was over. Crystal rolled her eyes as she was annoyed that this woman couldn’t take a hint and stopped making a move on Dio! But Dio too wasn’t interested in her, so after bidding farewell, Dio and Crystal left without looking back!

“Mr. Dio, can I ask you a question?” Crystal asked curiously.

“Sure,” Dio said casually.

“Did you like a woman like before? Did I just get in your way?” Crystal asked shyly.

“I do like young, sexy, and beautiful women, but I don’t want to break a family!” Dio said as he knew that the woman earlier already had a husband. Dio then smiled at Crystal endearingly and drove towards their hotel.

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