Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 314


In the next few days, Dio kept observing Crystal closely, but thankfully, Crystal’s condition seemed to develop for the better. If she weren’t forced to recall her memories, there would be nothing wrong with Crystal.

So, in the embrace of the night, when Crystal was fast asleep, Dio locked himself in his room and immediately tried his latest theory! He immediately pulled out the [Morioh City Tour Card] that he got from his previous draw and pulled out the [Reaper’s Gaze] to hold if he had to fight there later. He activated the tour card so that he could prove his theory as soon as possible!

. . . . . . .

Morioh City was a small town that was located inside Japan’s M prefecture, near S City. Although this town was popular among tourists, the shops around the city had an indifferent approach toward the tourist! But if you introduced yourself properly and made an effort to get to know them, you will notice that they are kind-hearted people!

When Dio woke up, he found that he was sitting on a sightseeing bus! He could see the Morioh City from the bus, but he couldn’t find his scythe anywhere! That meant he couldn’t bring his weapon here. His clothes have changed too. Now, he was wearing weird tourist clothes that were entirely out of his style!

He looked around and noticed that besides himself, there was only one sweet looking female tour guide inside the bus. The tour guide was still determined to introduce every aspect of Morioh to Dio, who wasn’t paying attention to her up until now.

But sadly, for her, Dio already knew all about this place. He was an avid JoJo fan back in his real world! Nonetheless, Dio was impressed by the situation inside this Morioh Town. It was like a tee with the animated series that he watched back in his real world.

“Well, now that we have neared the end of the bus tour, each tourist could choose to freely roam the Morioh Town to see what the town has to offer them, or follow our touring schedule!” the tour guide said welcomingly.

The words that the tour guide has said this time piqued Dio’s interest. As much as he enjoyed the bus tour as it nostalgically reminded him of the scene in each place, Dio hasn’t forgotten his goal in this place! Although he knew that he would kill someone inside this town, he knew that this town was only a part of a game! The people inside this place wasn’t real!

So, Dio chose to roam the town freely as he already had his target in mind. After all, he only had one chance now! If he wanted another chance, he had to get this tour card again from his next draw, and he might not be that lucky!

But once he got off the bus, he immediately regretted it! He didn’t find a single dollar inside his pocket! He finally remembered that this town was designed to specifically use gold as a means of transaction. This was his coworkers’ idea in the real world! He immediately checked his phone to see the amount of gold he had, but he also found none! He has already used it all on his previous draw as he thought that it was a waste to leave any gold behind!

“Damn it! can I get unluckier than this!” Dio shouted to the sky in frustration. But Dio quickly walked deeper inside the Morioh City. He tried to ask for some information to the local vendors around the town for the whereabouts of the man that he was searching for, but all of them drove Dio out after knowing that Dio wouldn’t buy anything from their shop!

After receiving nothing from the market, Dio felt frustrated! He was furious that all the shopkeepers were rude fellows! If he ever returned, he would change this setting immediately!

So, Dio tried to stop the taxi and told the driver the name of the person that he was searching for! This was a great idea, but unfortunately, the taxi driver also didn’t know the man that Dio was searching for!

Dio still had a backup plan! He knew the name of the high school that the main protagonist went to! So, he told the taxi driver to go to that school immediately! Fortunately, the taxi driver knew the school’s location and immediately drove toward the school!

When they arrived, it happened to be the time for class, as Dio heard the bell ringing loudly from the outside. But another thing that he hadn’t found the solution to was the way to pay the taxi driver!

But as Dio didn’t know what to do, he immediately noticed that not far from the school gate, a student was being bullied by another student.

“Please wait a little while, Sir! My little brother is being bullied there!” Dio said to the taxi driver as he got out of the taxi.

The driver hesitated whether he had to runs after his customer or not, but in the end, he decided to believe in his customer as he saw that his customer seemed to be a tourist that should have no issue with money!

He shouted from inside the taxi, “Do I need to call for the police?” the taxi driver sincerely wanted to help.

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