Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 315


“No need! Just wait for me for a little bit!” Dio said to the taxi driver. He walked towards the kid who was being bullied by at least five high school students!

“Hey, kid! Give me all of your money!” Dio said to the bullies threateningly.

“What? Are you mad?” one of the bullies said confusedly.

“Let’s just say it’s a payment to keep my mouth shut and your safety as you just bullied my little brother!” Dio said as he smirked to the bullies.

“You are Koichi’s brother? Well, that changed everything! Why don’t you give us your money instead!” The bully said as he suddenly became confident.

Dio was annoyed by the confidence that the bully showed just because Koichi was a meek boy! So, Dio immediately slapped the bullies one by one as he knew that this was just a fictional world, so there would be no consequence on doing things the hard way!

Dio also took their wallet and took all the money inside!

“Thank you for helping me! They just wouldn’t stop bothering me!” Koichi said to Dio, but sadly Dio was too occupied with taking the money from the bullies.

“Wait a minute!” Dio said to Koichi as he ran back and paid the taxi driver.

Dio then walked back to where Koichi stood and ask for his name to make sure that he really got the right person.

“My name is Hirose Koichi, a freshman at this high school!” Koichi said to answer Dio’s question.

Dio smirked as he really found Koichi, Josuke’s best friend in this part 4 of JoJo!

“Why don’t you use your Stand to defend yourself?” Dio asked knowingly to Koichi.

“Are you also a Stand user?” Koichi said alertly as he immediately summoned his Stand, [Echo ACT3]! In the world of JoJo, every Stand user could also see other’s Stand. This could be an identification for a fellow Stand user.

“Let’s go over there to have a chat. I am indeed also a Stand user! I am curious about why you didn’t use your Stand to deal with those people earlier.” Dio said sincerely to talk with Koichi. After all, he needed Koichi’s help to track down some of the Stand users that he needed!

Koichi saw that the man before him didn’t seem to have any malicious intention, so he followed Dio to the nearby bench to have a talk.

“I don’t want to use my Stand to solve an everyday problem like that. Stand is a gift; those who didn’t have it don’t deserve to be punished by it!” Koichi said confidently.

“So, will you let them beat you up, just to uphold your view on Stand?” Dio asked curiously.

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far!” Koichi said as he rubbed his head awkwardly. Koichi became a Stand user thanks to Josuke’s Stand that healed him when he was stabbed by the Stand Arrow! That was why throughout the series, Koichi’s Stand was evolving as Koichi’s character also developed to be braver than the beginning of the series. Koichi didn’t have a strong Stand in general. That was because he had a meek personality; as a result, he couldn’t get a strong Stand!!

“I should introduce myself! I am Dio Brando, a tourist from America. So, is there a lot of Stand user here?” Dio asked while acting curious. He already knew how many people in this town who could use a Stand!

Dio had to figure out the answer to this question as he would be able to assess whether this world was connected to JoJo’s real-time continuity or it was just a fictional place created by the mobile game programs of his company to make sure that everyone had a chance to obtain some Stand from Morioh’s stand user.

But before Koichi could answer Dio’s question, the school bell rang!

“No! I am late! I am sorry, Mr. Dio, but I have to go to school first!” Koichi said hurriedly.

Dio nodded as he wondered what he should do next.  He wondered whether the Stand user who has died on the manga would be alive in this world. If that was the case, he already knew whose Stand he wanted!

But before coming to this school, Dio saw that Angelo Katagiri was alive as he has become a guard at some attraction park! So, the rest of the characters inside this town should also be alive!

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3 thoughts on “Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 315

  1. Momo Tempest Momo Tempest says:

    “Dio was annoyed by the confidence that the bully showed just because Koichi was a meek boy! So, Dio immediately slapped the bullies one by one as he knew that this was just a fictional world, so there would be no consequence on doing things the hard way!”…. Isn’t he contradicting himself. He once said that MCU world isn’t just a Fiction and now this…?….F*CKING KILL THIS HYPOCRIT!😠😡

    1. shadowless says:

      but this world is fiction

    2. Random User Dude says:

      Stupid, MCU as we speak is his literal reality he will fucking just keel over and die if someone kills him, he used the Morioh Card, so technically Morioh is the fictional world in this case as the MCU has become a legitimate reality.

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