Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 316


Dio tries to list all powerful Stands that he could think of in Morioh Town, he immediately excluded [Killer Queen] as Dio thought that the deadly bomb Stand wouldn’t achieve its purpose if it was only a temporary Stand!

As he listed all the Stand that he wanted, [The Hand] still took the top of the list from the Stand that he wanted! Its ability to erase space was so powerful! In the anime and manga, it was such a waste to give such a powerful Stand to some muscle brain! This Stand would easily ignore every opponent’s defences as it simply erased the space along with the enemy!

He knew that The Nijimura lived inside a barred house to contain their father, for they were living in poverty, and they couldn’t provide a better place for their father! He knew that because this town was just a copy and everyone was still alive, the Nijimura brothers should still be in the same place!

So, he wandered around a low-end economy residency area and started asking around for the Nijimura residence, he found out that it was much easier to ask a woman as he could use his charm to make them talk.

After so many inquiries, Dio finally found the house that the Nijimura brothers should be living in. Dio needed [The Hand] above any other Stands as he lacked a Stand that could ignore his enemy defences at this moment. If he has [The hand] in his fight against the Destroyer Armour, that armour would be easily destroyed!

As soon as he walked through the house’s gate, he noticed that he was being watched over the window gap on the second floor. Dio ignored the watcher for now but summoned the [White Album] just in case the older brother decided to attack.

Dio walked toward the door, and as he opened the door, he was immediately assaulted by shooting barrage from the [Bad Company] that was summoned by Keicho Nijimura! But thankfully, the attack of the [Bad Company] couldn’t pierce [White Album]’s armour!

At the same time, Dio didn’t intend to remain in defence mode for too long. He immediately summoned [Horus] to attack the small soldier! The house was immediately covered in ice as the ice crystal that [Horus] was using pierced the small soldiers and stuck pinned them on the wall.

And just when Dio was about to end the battle by attacking Keicho directly, he was suddenly pulled by a huge force to the side! [The Hand] had shown itself! But as Dio predicted, Okuyasu was too stupid to use the Stand effectively. Although Dio was vulnerable, he still showed his compassion and didn’t kill Dio immediately!

Dio sighed and then shouted ‘Smash the World!’ everything stopped, and Dio immediately broke free from [The Hand]’s grasp. He looked toward Okuyasu and Keicho. He knew that he had to kill them both as Dio wanted [The Hand], and Keicho wouldn’t let him leave after knowing that Dio had killed his brother.

Dio felt bad for this, but he had to do it. After all, this world would reset as soon as he left! Dio immediately walked towards Okuyasu and snapped his neck so that he could die painlessly and then walked toward Keicho and did the same!

As he finished, Dio immediately resumed the time flow, and the Nijimura Brothers immediately fell to the ground lifelessly!

The brothers’ Stand immediately disappeared, and Dio hurriedly pulled out the [CD Drive] that he got from his previous draw and put it on Okuyasu’s body. The CD sank into Okuyasu’s corpse and began to absorb the Stand essence on Okuyasu’s body!

After a while, a blue and white Stand Card emerged from Okuyasu’s body! Dio was overjoyed and immediately grabbed the card!

Stand Name: The Hand

Description: A battle oriented Stand that capable of erasing space itself!

Type: Close Range Stand

Ability: Elimination

Ability Description: Anything that [The Hand]’s right hand touches as it makes a swiping motion will be erased to the void!


Destructive Power: B

Speed: B

Range: D

Sustainability: C

Precision: C

Growth: C

Evaluation: A powerful Stand that would outdo almost all enemy, if the user has a brain to use it!

. . . . . . . .

A panel that said ‘please choose the Stand Card type!’ appeared on his phone, and so without thinking too much, Dio chose the Time Limited Type as it was safer than the one-time-use Card! He only needed to use [The Hand] in a crucial moment, where the opponent was too defensive!

A white light suddenly flashed on the Stand card that he held and suddenly, the time limit was imprinted on the card!

‘Time Limit Stand Card!’

‘Time Limit: 42 Minutes!’

Dio smiled as 42 minutes was such a long time for such an overpowered Stand!

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