Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 317


After securing the Stand that he wanted the most, Dio wandered around the Morioh Town like a real tourist, and after 24 hours inside the town, Dio was forcefully teleported back to the real world! The first thing that he checked was his inventory, and Dio sighed in relief as he saw [The Hand] temporary Stand card was still in there.

. . . . . . . . .

The next day, Dio, who was in a good mood, took Crystal to treat some more costumer. On the road toward their next customer, they saw many police cars speeding. It seems they were in a hurry! Crystal looked at the direction that the police, but Dio didn’t care as it wasn’t his business to help the police here.

But he changed his mind after he also saw the colourful beam of light that appeared in the direction that the police headed to. Dio began to think that Thor was probably here, as the beam of light that he saw just now was a light that came from Bifrost!

Dio wanted to see what was happening and maybe went to Asgard with Thor as he wanted to get his hands on Asgard’s resources. He remembered that Thor’s second movie, the dark world that also presented the third Infinity Gem, took place in London!

Sure enough, when he arrived at the scene, Thor was holding a woman affectionately. This woman was Jane Foster! Thor’s love interest and the host of the Aether that later would be known as the Reality Gem!

He totally forgot that the Reality Gem was in London. Otherwise, he would’ve already taken measures to secure it, but it seemed the plot continued normally, and Jane was still the one that found the Aether and Thor has come to save her!

After some thinking, Dio then told Crystal to wait in the car as he wanted to greet Thor.

“Hey, isn’t it a little too cliché to dance in the rain like this?” Dio said teasingly to Thor. Dio covered himself in Hamon Energy to keep him from getting wet.

Thor and Jane were surprised seeing someone interrupted their time together, but as soon as Thor saw who it was, he became excited!

“Dio! How are you? what are you doing here?” Thor said excitedly. This is his first time back to earth, and to his delight, he got to see Jane and Dio again.

“Well, I am tired of New York already, so I came here to relax a little bit. when I was in the vicinity earlier, I saw the Bifrost light around here, so I decided to check it out.” Dio said casually. He then teased Thor about Jane and thus made the couple a little bit flustered, but as the police arrived and asked Dio what just happened and who was the person that he talked to just now, an explosion threw the police back!

Dio and Thor weren’t thrown away as they were strong enough to withstand the impact, but as they saw the source of the explosion, Thor was surprised as he saw that Jane was starting to float!

“Now, you better take care of your girlfriend,” Dio said teasingly to Dio.

Thor then immediately walked toward Jane with Mjolnir on his hand. “Jane! Give me your hand! I will take you back to Asgard to cure you!” Thor said as he tried to calm Jane down. 

Jane then reached out for Thor’s hand, but as soon as she was close enough, a bunch of Red Particles came out of her hands and sent Thor flying because of the Red Particles’ explosion! Then Jane flew toward Dio quickly! Thor, who was staggered a little bit as he hit the wall quite hard, was nervous as he knew that Dio wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone if he felt in danger.

“Dio, look out!” Thor shouted, but Dio has already seen all her move! He knew that Jane would keep lashing out the red particle of the Aether, so he covered himself with a thick Hamon Energy and immediately summoned the [Red Hot Chili Pepper] so that he could match Jane’s speed.

Dio immediately punched her stomach, instantly knocking her out!

Thor then immediately flew to Dio to thank him for stopping Jane.

“Thank you very much, my friend! I will immediately take her to Asgard so that she can be cured of her ailment! Do you want to come with me this time?” Thor asked curiously.

Dio thought about it for a while and concluded that he could always go to Asia next time, but the opportunity to go to Asgard will not come again any time sooner. But what should he do with Crystal? Did he have to leave her behind or brought her along!

But Dio quickly found his answer as he saw Crystal was looking at him from the car’s window. He just made one fucking big mistake!

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