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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 318


Before Dio realized it, the Aether from Jane was already near the car where Crystal was! He didn’t know whether it was because the Infinity Stone recognized Crystal as someone with a far more powerful mind than Jane, or was it just something that happened indirectly, but for now, all he knows was that the Aether was trying to take over Crystal’s body!

Dio immediately rushed over towards the car. When Thor noticed that something was wrong, he immediately pulled Jane away. Sure enough, Thor saw that the Aether was coming out of Jane’s body and rushing toward the car from the ground!

Dio immediately realized that he wouldn’t make it, and so he immediately activated [the World]’s ability to stop time! This way, Dio arrived at the car in time and put a Hamon Barrier around the car so that the Aether couldn’t get to Crystal!

As Dio resumed the time again, The Aether immediately retreated to Jane’s body. Thor was surprised, so he couldn’t react fast enough to save Jane from being possessed by the Aether once again. But nonetheless, he was determined to save Jane, so he didn’t think about it too much, but the scene that ensued just now was really weird!

“What happened just now?” Thor said as he walked to Dio with Jane on his hands.

“I honestly don’t know, but it’s definitely not a good thing!” Dio said as he took Crystal’s unconscious body out of the car. Dio couldn’t help but think that the Aether was drawn toward Crystal’s body somehow because of Crystal’s power also dubbed around reality warping to some extent.

But surely, he had to bring Crystal with him as the Asgardians may know something that he didn’t about Crystal! A minute later, a beam of light shot down from the sky once again, and the four of them were transported to Asgard!

Only Jane’s intern was left on the scene. She stared at the sky where the light came with envy. She also wanted to go, but she knew that none of the superheroes earlier would want to bring her!

. . . . . . . . . . .

“Welcome to Asgard!” Heimdall said with a serious face.

Dio shook his head a little bit, as the experience riding on the Bifrost was interesting, but he surely needed some time to get used to it! Dio nodded to Heimdall as he saw Thor did so, and then Dio followed Thor towards Asgard. Dio saw for the first time the glory of Asgard! He saw many beautiful ladies walking about in the distance, and the building was all glorious in their white paint adorned with gold.

But Thor didn’t take Dio for sightseeing. He took Dio directly to the palace, where he ordered some of the guards to bring medics and took Crystal and Jane into the sickbay! Asgard had many excellent witches who mastered excellent healing spells and modern understanding of the Human’s body! Thor’s mother was one of them, and so Dio calmed down a little as he knew that these Asgardians were more trustworthy than Eartherner’s doctor!

“What is happening to both of them?” Thor asked curiously to the witches that were examining Crystal and Jane.

“We don’t know yet; the energy coming from her body was totally different than that the Midgardian should possess! As for the child, we didn’t detect the same energy from the lady within her, but she had more powerful energy hidden deep inside her soul!” the witch said solemnly.

But as Dio was about to ask the witch another question regarding Crystal’s condition, a stern voice interrupted them.

“Did you not heed my word! Why are you still doing whatever you want like this!” Odin said as he came to the sickbay.

“They are sick, father! They need my help!” Thor said confidently.

“They are all mortals! They are all sick! But nonetheless, none of them is welcomed in Asgard, bring them to Midgard immediately!” Odin said rudely.

“I am sorry, but I’ve always thought that Odin was a wise and calculative god! But my first impression is not that good. All I saw just now was arrogance! Thor was having the same issue when he first showed up on the earth, but now I know that it is all because he was just acting like you do! You are just a god full of contradiction; in fact, you are not worthy of the title of a god itself!” Dio said challengingly.

Although it wasn’t good to challenge his host like this, Dio wouldn’t let it go if he was being insulted like that!

Everyone on the room was silent as they were surprised to hear such a word came from a Midgardian mouth, but Thor was the most surprised as he never saw anyone went against his father like this before, at least no one else besides him and Loki!

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