Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 319


Odin never expected that he would hear something like this from a Midgardian and so he was furious after hearing Dio’s word! But Dio didn’t care. He wouldn’t let Odin insult him like this even if he was just a guest in Odin’s home!

Dio knows that Odin has long exceeded his peak. Now, Odin was just a weak old god who was trying his hard to control his territory. Although Dio knew that Odin still had the power to fight him, but Dio was confident that he would be able to deal with it!

“Do you know who you are talking to, boy?” Odin asked furiously.

“Of course, I am talking to a rude and arrogant god that thinks that the earthlings were epidemic and the Asgardians were kings! If the ancient one ever heard of this, you may be having some chat about the honour of life!” Dio said confidently.

Odin was surprised after hearing the ancient one being mentioned like this; he considered the ancient one as one of his friends and an entity that was powerful enough to stand beside him on his prime!

“What is your relation with the ancient one?” Odin asked curiously. He seemed to calm down after hearing that name.

“It doesn’t really matter! After all, the Ancient One is just another walking epidemy!” Dio said challengingly.

Odin seemed to contemplate about something, but Dio could see that the old god has already calmed down.

“Midgardian, you are fearless! But I will never take back what I said, I will talk to Ancient One about this when I have the time, but I said it once again, Asgard doesn’t welcome your kind here, so follow the guard to Bifrost and return to your home!” Odin said confidently.

Odin knew that no matter what happened here, the Ancient One wouldn’t care less! If Odin didn’t take his army to invade the Earth, The Ancient One wouldn’t do anything!

However, as soon as the guards got close towards Jane, they were suddenly thrown away towards the wall as Aether inside Jane’s body recognized them as a threat!

“Stop, retreat!” Odin said to the guards as he recognized the red particle that attacked the guards just now. “This is impossible!” Odin said as his expression became more serious.

“The energy inside her body was trying to protect her!” The witch that diagnosed Jane earlier said in fascination.

“No! it was trying to protect itself!” Odin said in a knowing look on his face.

“The other girl also has bigger energy deep within her soul!” the witch said as she was also wondering about Crystal.

Odin immediately turned his attention toward Crystal, who was lying on the bed near them, but as he walked towards Crystal, Dio blocked his path while covering his body in intense Hamon Energy!

“Since we are not welcomed here, we will leave immediately. There is no need for you to check on my sister’s condition.” Dio said confidently.

“No, you didn’t realise the severity of the situation now! I need to confirm what is happening to her first if you want to leave!” Odin said confidently.

“Didn’t you say Asgardian was a hospitable place before, Thor? Did I have to fight my way outside now?” Dio asked as he looked towards Thor.

“Father! Stop! This is not how we welcome our guests!” Thor said to Odin as he was trying to diffuse the situation. Odin looked into Thor’s eyes, and after a moment, sighed and told Dio to follow him.

Dio looked at Thor, and they both followed Odin towards the hall. For once, Odin put aside his prejudice toward another race and then explained the dark history of the Nine Realms and the power of the Aether that created Chaos among the realms.

“Are you saying that the Aether would kill Jane eventually? Is there any method to extract it out of her body safely?” Thor asked worriedly.

“No, I don’t think the record ever said something about extracting the Aether from the host. It would be a lot easier to secure it once the host dies!” Odin said solemnly. Thor was immediately disappointed, like a kicked puppy.

“From the looks of it, the little girl was also infected with the Aether’s particle. Of course, I can check her condition, but then again, I will not force you if you really want to go back to earth!” Odin said solemnly.

No wonder Odin changed his attitude as he knew the power behind the Aether. He was afraid that soon the Aether would endanger the universe!

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