Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 320


Odin’s suspicion about Crystal’s energy was Dio’s worry, and so he agreed to let Odin inspect Crystal for a little bit. Odin then walked back inside the Sick Bay and inspected Crystal, but after a while, a surprised expression was clear on Odin’s face.

“Father, how did it turn out?” Thor asked curiously.

“No, the girl is okay. It would take some time for her to wake up. If your friend is not in a hurry, he can enjoy Asgard for a while, let him experience the hospitality of Asgard.” Odin said with an annoyed face.

“Of course, father! I will do just that!” Thor said excitedly.

“But remember! No more meaningless thing!” Odin said as he walked away. He detected a powerful potential from Crystal’s body, but the thing that surprised him was when he knew that energy was sealed by the Ancient One! That was also the reason for Odin to let Dio and Crystal stay in Asgard, for he didn’t exactly know how deep their bond with the Ancient One was!

“Dio! You are too brave! I am having a cold sweat just from remembering the scene earlier!” Thor said excitedly as Odin was no longer in the vicinity.

“I don’t want to be rude, but I was insulted for no reason!” Dio said annoyedly. Originally Dio wanted to come to Asgard with a low profile, but now, it was clear that he couldn’t do so! Dio completely threw his respect for Odin out of the window as he knew that Odin shouldn’t act like that!

If Odin weren’t Thor’s father and the ruler of Asgard, Dio probably would’ve punched him in the face when he insulted him like that! On the other hand, Thor didn’t know what Dio was thinking, but he knew how Dio felt, and so he opted to diffuse the situation before he spoke! He wished Loki would be here right now as he would be able to make some snarky comment that would diffuse the situation quickly, but right now, Loki was still in jail, and that wouldn’t change for a long time!

“Now, I will take you to your room, and after that, I will personally guide you to sightsee Asgard as you saw fit!” Thor said sincerely.

“Okay! I hope that kind of situation earlier would never happen again!” Dio said casually to Thor as he knew that Thor would feel a little bit guilty about the situation earlier. Dio then picked Crystal up from her medical bed and brought her along. Dio intended to keep a close eye on Crystal. If Black Crystal decided to show up again, he knew that he was the only one who could stop her from turning a dream into reality!

After arriving at the room, Dio left his suitcase, Pet Carrier, and the weapon box behind. Fortunately, he always carried around a spare suitcase, and the weapon was always within the arm’s reach as he knew that something unexpected might happen at any given moment.

After resting for a while, Crystal finally woke up! She was confused as there was nothing inside the room that she could recognize except for Dio! 

“Mr. Dio! Where are we?” Crystal asked confusedly.

“Oh, you finally wake up! How do you feel? do you feel comfortable?” Dio asked endearingly.

“I feel fine, but where are we?” Crystal asked once again.

“Well, do you ever know about Asgard on Norse Mythology? This is the King’s Palace in Asgard!” Dio said casually.

Crystal was surprised, and Dio could see that she didn’t believe Dio at first, but after seeing through the window, she finally realised that what Dio just said was true! The scenery was beautiful. It was the kind of scenery that wouldn’t exist anywhere on earth!

“Are we already dead?” Crystal said as she was in awe with the scenery in front of her!

Dio was surprised that Crystal arrived at that conclusion, but after some thought, Dio nodded his head wickedly!

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