Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 321


The next day, Thor took Crystal, Jane, and Dio around the palace while introducing them to the gods that also lived inside the palace. After a couple of hours or so, Dio had become bored of sightseeing the palace alone! Although the palace was an interesting place, he couldn’t care less!

On the other hand, Thor and Jane seemed content and enjoyed each other company! Seeing these two constantly flirting with each other, Dio felt annoyed. It was like he was all alone here, while Crystal was still sulking!

Finally, Dio couldn’t take it anymore! “Thor, I heard that Asgard has a flying horse! Why don’t you take us to see them? It would be interesting to see a flying horse for a change.” Dio said tiredly.

Thor was surprised for a bit. He never told Dio about the Pegasus before. “I am sorry, but Pegasus is off-limit right now. Since the Valkyrie has fallen, the Pegasus is almost extinct. All I know is that several Pegasuses were in my father’s protection! Even I don’t know where they are! But I can take you to see any other magical creature that Asgard has!” Thor said apologetically.

After listening to Thor’s explanation, Dio sure was disappointed! One of his goal coming to Asgard went up in smoke. He didn’t mind neglecting his customer on Earth if it meant having a chance to get one Pegasus as a mount! But from their earlier interaction, Dio doubted that Odin would even talk to him! 

As for Uru metal or some other treasures that he might still get, Dio could always ask Thor later! After having lunch, Thor brought them all to the forest near the beach to see any magical creature inside the forest!

Dio obviously didn’t give up on his quest to find a pet that could withstand the Stand Arrow’s power. but Thor’s next word annoyed everyone! “You know, the forest is too close to the Palace, so the magical creatures that inhabit the forest have been driven away from the palace to the middle of the forest!” Thor said apologetically.

Everyone sighed as they were disappointed, but then Thor offered that he could bring them there faster by flying! Dio was the first one to agree to that because he didn’t like to waste his time tracking the forest!

So, Thor immediately took Jane on his arm and swung Mjolnir to lift him into the air, while Dio held onto Crystal in one arm and hold onto Thor’s cape on another!

Crystal, who never experienced this kind of thing before, closed her eyes as she screamed nervously. But after a while, she couldn’t help but opened her eyes and saw that she was really flying right now! She admired Dio even more! If it weren’t because of Dio, she knew that she would still be in a state of despair like before meeting Dio!

At the same time, Thor, who was still focused on flying towards the middle of the forest, didn’t know that his little sightseeing tour has successfully made a girl admire Dio even more! If he knew that this would happen, he would try to make Dio look bad for teasing purposes!

But fortunately, Jane, who was holding tightly to Thor’s neck all this time, was still fascinated by Thor and Thor alone!

Finally, they arrived in the middle of the forest, and they descended to see the magical creatures that Asgard had. Dio could feel this part of the forest was indeed full of creatures as he caught the movement of many animals not too far from their location. In fact, Jane and Crystal even saw some rabbit, hopping about the forest.

“What is that?” Jane asked Thor curiously.

“What do you mean? It is a rabbit! Didn’t Earth also has one?” Thor asked confusedly.

“I mean, what did you call a rabbit in Asgard?” Jane asked curiously.

“What do you mean, Jane? We call it a rabbit, just like any other ordinary people.” Thor said confusedly.

Jane’s face gradually reddened in embarrassment as she was surprised that Asgard was using the same language! At the same time, Dio and Crystal were laughing hard at Thor’s insensible words, and at Jane, that surprisingly expected too much!

Dio finally knew why Rocket Raccoon was still named after an Earth animal while he admitted that he wasn’t from Earth!

Dio decided that he might take Thor to a zoo later if they were on Earth to show the difference between animals on Earth and the one on Asgard!

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