Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 322


After their discussion about rabbit earlier, Dio and the others tracked deeper into the forest to see that some animals were indeed different than any animal on earth! In the meantime, Dio was secretly using his Stand Arrow to check if there was any potential Stand user among the creature in the forest!

Dio saw a flower that apparently was a lizard in disguise, a snake with a mouse head, a giant earthworm, an electric butterfly, a man-eating tree, and so many others!

At the first time, Jane and Crystal were frightened as some of the creatures were nightmare fuelled, but after a while, it seemed they have become accustomed to the bizarre creatures and eventually laughed at the how weird and scary some creatures were and pondered over some that were cute and great looking!

They didn’t need to fear any of those animals as they knew that Thor and Dio would always protect them from harm!

As if right on cue, the ground beneath the girls shook violently, like there was a stampede somewhere! Dio and the girls were confused as they didn’t know what happened, but Thor flashed a knowing look on his face! “I will go over there to take a look at what happened. You guys stay here.” Thor said casually.

Thor then flew using his hammer to see what happened. Dio then covered his body with Hamon Energy as he knew that things might go south!

After a while, Dio was surprised by the roar of a beast, and then suddenly, a beast charged towards him with an overwhelming speed! Luckily, Dio was ready for something like this, and he pulled out the [Reaper’s Gaze] from his card and hit the beast’s head with it!

Dio didn’t know how far the beast slipped as it was far too quick, and so when Dio saw it was dead, Dio sighed as he didn’t have time to check the beast’s potential on the Stand Arrow!

Dio was slightly embarrassed as the girls saw that Dio was startled by the beast just now. He smiled at them awkwardly and observed the beast for a while. Thor then finally arrived, and from the look of dirt on Thor’s clothing, Dio knew that Thor must have been sent flying by the beast!

“So, how far did you get knocked back?” Dio asked teasingly.

“No, I just underestimated its power, that’s all! This is Bristol, by the way, according to legend, it destroys everything in its path! Although I do not know why we have a Bristol here!” Thor said as he tried to change the subject.

“So, you were knocked out by it!” Dio said as he raised his eyebrows teasingly.

“Shut up! You don’t have a proof!” Thor said as he was annoyed by Dio’s teasing.

But suddenly, another Bristol was sighted! It was rushing towards Thor while roaring furiously. Dio immediately took Jane and Crystal to safety while observing Thor’s fight.

Dio shook his head as Thor was acting stupid again! Instead of dodging the Bristol’s charge, Thor made a stand head-on! It was obvious to Dio that Thor was just trying to act tough in front of Jane! It was way too obvious that Dio was sick of it!

Dio sighed, and instead of joining hands with Thor to defeat the new Bristol, Dio then pulled Jane and Crystal up and quickly ran away from the scene!

“Thor, be sure to stop that thing, alright! I will make sure Crystal and Jane are safe!” Dio said with his perfect act. He just wanted to leave Thor alone without any spectator so that he couldn’t brag later.

The last scene that Dio saw was Thor being stomped and hammered like a nail into the ground! Of course, his Asgardian physique wouldn’t exactly get him injured just from an attack like this, but it was foolish to fight that beast head-on like that!

All that Dio knew after that was the roar of the beast in pain!

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