Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 323


The Bristol’s body was covered by thick scales, and there was hardly any opening to it, making it almost impossible to attack head-on! But Thor immediately summoned lightning to knock it out, but Thor was surprised as the thunder still did nothing to the Bristol. In fact, all the thunder did was agitated it even more than before!

Dio, who was standing in a safe distance, observed Thor’s fight and smirked as he saw that even an Asgardian like Thor still had a tough time dealing with this beast!

The Bristol then charged toward Thor at an incredible speed and rammed Thor’s who still had no intention to dodge the attack!

“it’d be great to have a little bit helping hand here!” Thor quipped as he thought it was about time Dio gave him a hand.

“I am sorry, this place is too dangerous now! I can’t leave Jane and Crystal unguarded!” Dio shouted back with a smirk on his face.

Thor clicked his teeth and kept on trying to electrocute the beast as he saw that it was the only thing that had a smidge of effect to the beast! Thor was a little bit annoyed as he knew that Dio was having a great time seeing him struggling against this beast, but Thor knew that Dio’s reasoning was valid!

The Bristol kept on rampaging and finally, Thor was slammed by its hind leg! This time Thor couldn’t shake off the damage that he got from said attack and vomited blood!

Finally realising that Thor was having a tough time, Jane immediately told Dio to go help him! Dio sighed and walked towards Thor with his scythe, ready to attack! If Jane didn’t make a fuss about it, Dio would’ve watched Thor struggle a little bit more before he helped him!

Dio immediately summoned the [White Album], so that he could feel more at ease. “Hey, beast! Look here!” Dio said as he taunted the Bristol. The Bristol immediately shifted its attention to Dio as it felt challenged by Dio’s posture.

As the Bristol charging towards him at an incredible speed, Dio immediately swung his scythe several times in succession, and the Bristol was instantly cut into pieces! The scythe was made of three metals with a strong offensive attribute, and the Bristol’s scale couldn’t withstand any of his attacks!

But Dio was surprised as he saw that the Bristol wasn’t dead just yet! Even with its leg already cut off and its body was eviscerated, it still showed an immense will to live! It roared one more time and tried to attack Dio with its huge tusk!

Dio noticed that Thor was charging a powerful thunder strike right now, so Dio knew that he didn’t have to do anything else for now. Dio just constantly dodged the Bristol’s attack as he waited for Thor to finish charging up his attack, and not long after, Thor finally released a huge thunder that hit the Bristol head on!

The Bristol began to squirm as it was electrocuted badly by the thunder just now, the weather itself started to change due to Thor’s attack! It was starting to rain now, although it was sunny just a moment ago! At the same time, Dio was freezing the Bristol to prevent it from struggling.

For the last attack, Thor then lifted his hammer toward the sky and swung it into the staggered Bristol’s head, killing it on the spot!

At the same time, Dio was sighing because if this creature had any potential to be a Stand user, Dio would’ve made it into his pet! The thought of having such a strong and enormous beast as his pet alone was already a great image in his mind! But no, the beast didn’t have any potential, and therefore Dio couldn’t waste his Pet card on this beast!

Dio then put back the [Reaper’s Gaze] into the cards and de-summoned the [White Album] as he didn’t need them now. Dio looked at the enormous beast once again for the last time as it was really a disappointing kill. Dio kept thinking what if the beast had potential, as he thought it was such a waste, considering how strong the beast was, but even so, he didn’t need a strong beast who had no potential to be a Stand User!

Dio then plucked the tusk off from Bristol’s dead body and put it inside his card. He would make something out of it later!

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