Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User In marvel Universe Chapter 324


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Although Bristol was very powerful, in the end, it was a beast without any intelligence! And so, Dio and Thor could defeat it relatively easily. Thor’s hiccup earlier was because he was trying so hard to look gallant in front of Jane!

But as they were about to go and look for another Magical Beast to show Jane and the others, a loud sound was heard from the palace’s direction!

Thor was instantly alarmed by that and immediately went back with Jane, Dio, and Crystal at once. Thor knew that something bad must’ve happened because something that loud wasn’t heard that often in Asgard!

. . . . . . .

At the same time, several stealth aircrafts appeared on the sky one after another. Heimdall only managed to destroy one of them, but he couldn’t catch up with the rest! Asgard’s anti-air unit was immediately deployed to fight against the incoming raiders, but the raiders prove to be very agile as they easily outmanoeuvred Asgard’s Anti Air unit! The enemy even destroyed all Asgard’s Anti Air turret for their smooth invasion!

Heimdall, who saw that the enemy easily penetrated Asgard’s line of defences, immediately activated the palace’s energy shield in thought that the enemy would have no means to threaten the royal family!

But the Shield was immediately shattered! The Asgardians and Heimdall especially were shocked as this was the first time that the palace’s Shield failed to work properly! This was bad, as it meant the enemy had infiltrated the palace for quite some time, as the Shield could only be shattered if the energy core inside the palace was destroyed!

Rolling back an hour before the invasion, a riot took place inside the palace’s prison! Loki, who was also an inmate inside the prison, immediately knew that this was just a distraction for something bigger, but it seemed he was the only one that noticed it quick enough as he saw that almost all the palace’s guards were coming to the prison to quench the riot!

And so, the invasion began!

Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves, was the one that orchestrated the invasion, and he was also present as the Dark Elves army that he commanded arrived at the Asgardian Palace! He brought destruction to the people inside the palace by throwing many implosion grenades towards every Asgardian that he could find.

Malekith’s hatred ran deep! He hated Asgard and everything within it as he blamed Asgard for the death of thousands of his people thousands of years ago!

After thousands of years of waiting for the right opportunity to strike, he finally found it! The Aether! If Malekith got his hands on that ancient artifact, he would surely be able to kill all Asgardians!

. . . . . . . . .

When Thor arrived at the palace, he and Dio ignored the chaos that ensued outside and immediately ran straight to check Odin’s condition! On their way to the king’s chamber, they saw that a group of invaders was shooting at the palace’s guards! Thor wanted to attack this invader, but he was stopped by Dio, who said that he would handle the enemy there, and Thor should check on his mother as soon as possible!

Thor nodded and left with Jane immediately! He was grateful to have Dio here right now. Otherwise, he would waste his time fighting the enemy while his parents might be in trouble!

After Thor left, Dio immediately summoned [Horus] and [White Album]. He really liked these two Stands’ offensive capabilities. It was easy to use with little Hamon Energy consumption while it effectively destroyed the enemy units!

Crystal, who was beside Dio all the time, was scared, but she knew that Dio wouldn’t let anything happened to her, so she tried to remain calm the entire fight! But one invader, who wasn’t immediately killed by Dio’s ice shard, threw one Imploding Grenade toward Dio!

“Look out!” The Asgard Royal Guard said as they saw that the Dark Elves had thrown the grenade to Dio. They already knew the powerful aspect of this grenade and that the grenade will rip through any defences!

Dio immediately responded by creating a thick Ice wall in front of him to protect him from the blast while immediately falling back a little bit. The sound of an explosion was heard, and Dio was a little bit surprised that the thick wall that he created earlier was destroyed in half!

Dio knew that the Dark Elves had this kind of technology, but he never expected it to be this smooth! It was a little bit different than what its effect portrayed in the movies; this one was more powerful!

So, to make sure that the enemy couldn’t use the grenade again, Dio froze them instantly by [White Album]’s Absolute’s Zero ability. But Dio was a little bit annoyed to himself as he has forgotten about the Dark Elves! He took so much effort to get [the Hand] while he could just get these imploding grenades!

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