Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 325


After killing the Dark Elves, Dio rummaged through their belongings as he was intrigued by the Implosion bomb that they had. But he found none of it as he searched. It seemed that the previous implosion took all their belonging with it! But as Dio disappointedly walked toward the next area, he was immediately attacked by the Kursed! Dio knew this creature from Thor’s movie. That was the special ability that the Dark Elves had. They sacrificed their strong warrior to turn them into Kursed Warrior! But sadly, this Kursed Warrior has dwindled in number as the number of the Dark Elves decreased!

The Kursed Warrior threw a stone-like object at Dio, and Dio, who immediately realised that it wasn’t a normal rock, immediately created a multi-layered ice wall to block whatever the rock maybe! It exploded as soon as it came into contact with Dio’s Ice wall, and soon after that, Dio immediately attacked with [Horus] and slammed the Kursed with many ice blades!

The Kursed roared in anger as the ice damaged it a little bit. The hot temperature that the Kursed had melted the ice that Dio was throwing, and so his attack has a little to no damage except agitating the Kursed!

Dio knew that he wouldn’t be able to win with [Horus], so he immediately used the [Life Magnetism Overdrive] for himself so that he could enhance his vision, and then he used the [Metal Silver Overdrive] to the scythe so that his attack would have a more considerable impact to the giant!

With his vision enhanced, the giant’s movement was like a snail for Dio, and with his scythe enhanced with his Hamon energy, he successfully cut the giant like tofu! The Kursed staggered as Dio successfully cut one of its arms and immediately roared in anger once again. Dio knew that this Kursed Warrior wouldn’t go down before they died, and so once the giant attacked again, Dio immediately cut another arm, and this time, Dio also cut one of its legs!

As a Stand Weapon, [Reaper’s Gaze] was quite strong! Dop didn’t even have to use [Anubis]’s power that was still dormant inside the blade. He hadn’t used [Anubis] even once as he didn’t see any needs for that now. [Anubis]’s power enhanced the blade’s durability and sharpness, sure, but the true value of [Anubis] was that the user would be controlled by [Anubis] in the fight, and because of that, the user would become a powerful swordsman in an instant!

[Anubis] would be able to identify the enemy’s weaknesses as well as their combat style, making [Anubis] one of the best close combat Stand there was!

Even if the Kursed Warrior had lost both of his arm and one of his legs, he was still persistent in attacking Dio! This was the Kursed Warrior’s perseverance! Even if it lost everything, as long as it still breathed, it would continue to attack his enemies no matter what!

The Kursed Warrior jumped towards Dio and intended to bring Dio down with him while burning his core! But as soon as he got close to Dio, Dio immediately activated [White Album]’s ability and turned his surrounding into absolute zero!

The high temperature that came from the Kursed Warrior was immediately cooled down by [White Album]’s ability, but Dio knew that his opponent wouldn’t die just from this attack, so he immediately crushed the ice solid Kursed Warrior with the [Reaper’s Gaze]!

Dio was calm from the beginning to the end as if the most powerful soldiers that Asgard has ever seen was no big deal! Nevertheless, Dio was able to kill him easily!

As Dio de-summoned his stand, he walked toward Crystal and reached his hands for Crystal to take. “Are you afraid, Crystal?” Dio asked endearingly.

Crystal shook her head quickly as she didn’t want Dio to think of her as a coward. She immediately stood up and held her shirt’s hem nervously.

Dio smiled and messed up her hair endearingly like usual as his way of saying that it was okay to be afraid! She puffed her cheeks and looked at Dio with a frown on her face. She really didn’t like it when her hair was a mess!

Dio just laughed as he saw the look that Crystal gave him, but Dio knew that he had to get Crystal to safety!

“Let’s go; there are too many enemies around here!” Dio said to Crystal as he held her hands.

Crystal nodded her head, but she couldn’t wait to ask Dio about the terrifying creature that she saw just now.

“Mr. Dio what is the Bone Bird just now? why does it look like a dinosaur?” Crystal asked curiously.

“You saw that creature?” Dio asked as he was startled by Crystal’s question.

“Of course, it was so big! How can I not see it?” Crystal said as she pouted once more.

Dio was really surprised that Crystal could see [Horus]!

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