Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 326


While Dio was attacked by the Kursed Warrior, Thor and Jane have run into trouble themselves! They encountered Malekith with a couple of his men!

“I am Malekith! The leader of the Dark Elves. Now I would like you to give what is rightfully mine!” Malekith said to Thor coldly.

“Over my dead body, Malekith!” Thor said as he pulled Jane to his back. He knew that Malekith must have come for the Aether! So, Thor immediately summoned lightning and attacked Malekith with it! 

Malekith dodged Thor’s attack and immediately ordered his men to open fire! Thor immediately pulled Jane out of harm’s way and hid behind a pillar. He summoned another thunder and shot the Dark Elves that attacked him one by one, turning the table once again!

Malekith seemed to be furious with how the battle ensued, so he immediately threw the imploding grenade to Thor’s position in order to finish Thor once and for all! But unfortunately for Malekith, Thor hit the grenade with his Mjolnir and successfully sent it back toward Malekith!

Malekith immediately grabbed a soldier near his foot and threw him to the grenade’s trajectory. The grenades imploded, killing the soldier that Malekith threw as his shield! Thor saw the grenade’s firepower and surprised as it was no doubt could kill him in one attack!

But, after the grenades imploded, Malekith commanded his army to stop attacking. He knew that he was falling short on this attack! He obviously couldn’t win against Thor right now, and if he insisted on beating Thor to get his hands on the Aether, his army would be slowly killed by the Asgardian army, and eventually, he had to face against Odin all by himself!

That is not what he had planned, and so he ordered his army to retreat!

“Son of Odin! I admit your bravery and your strength! But I think we can make a deal!” Malekith said solemnly to Thor.

“As the future king of Asgard, I will never make a deal with a terrorist! Malekith, I will personally rip your head along with your soldier for killing and invading Asgard!” Thor said coldly as he still held Jane on his back. Thor’s word moved the palace’s guard and Jane, Thor was a hero!

“I sure hope that you can uphold that word of yours in the future, Future King of Asgard!” Malekith said as he laughed sarcastically. He then commanded his man to bring something, and soon Thor’s eye looked at the scene in front of him in anger!

“Malekith! If you dare even to touch her hair, I swear to god, I will chase you to the end of the universe!” Thor said coldly.

The one that Malekith brought out just now was none other than Thor’s mother, Frigga, Queen of Asgard!

“Wow, as a descendant of Bor, your threat is weak! So, let us make our deal! Give me that woman, and I will leave your mother unharmed! Let me see your choice, future King of Asgard!” Malekith said as he laughed evilly.

Malekith felt that he was lucky to found Frigga once he entered the palace, but in the process of capturing her, she left a deep wound on Malekith’s face! This wound would be his shame reminder as it would remind him of the time that he couldn’t handle the power of a single woman!

At the same time, Thor didn’t know what to do! He looked at the woman that he fell in love with and a woman that gave him his life and love! He had his answer in mind, but he couldn’t say it as he knew that the result wouldn’t be good!

“Thor! Calm down! He just wants to provoke you into doing what he wants! You already know the right thing to do now, so don’t hesitate! I love you no matter what, and please know that I am proud of you!” Frigga said with a proud look on her face. She looked at Thor with so much love and proudness that Thor’s began to weep of what to come!

Frigga, who knew that Thor would have a hard time deciding the outcome, immediately took the option to her own hands! She immediately reached for the Imploding Grenade that was hanging on Malekith’s waist in order to kill him with her! She knew that the grenade would be so devastating that there was no way Malekith would survive it!

“Mother! Don’t!” Thor shouted as he saw what Frigga’s intention was, but Malekith, who was annoyed that she was struggling to get away, immediately cut her throat open! Frigga’s blood spurted around the floor as she fell weakly to the floor!

While her body reached the floor, a thunder strike full of rage hit Malekith’s face and melted half of his face! Thor wasn’t satisfied with this outcome just yet! Compared to losing his mother, melting Malekith’s face was nowhere near enough!

Malekith knew that he couldn’t win against Thor right now, and he also didn’t have any more token to barter, so he retreated towards his stealth jet! Thor, who was immersed in his rage, immediately sent a thunderstrike that was huge enough to destroy several enemy’s Jets, but as soon as Malekith’s Jet and some other turned invisible, he ceased his attack!

Odin, who has just finished fighting against the enemy on his side immediately ran toward Thor’s direction. Odin was clearly not as fit to battle as he was, because he got there panting! But as soon as he saw Frigga’s lifeless body, sadness and despair shrouded him like what happened to Thor and every other Asgardians that came with him!

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