Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 327


Odin immediately ran towards Frigga’s body and hugged her sadly. At this moment, Odin was neither god nor the King of Asgard. He was simply a weeping husband who would lose his wife! Frigga that was in and out of her consciousness, reached out toward Odin’s face, but she fell short as she didn’t have enough strength left to do that! Seeing his wife’s hand move, Odin immediately reached out and held her hands in his!

Frigga then turned her attention to Thor. She knew that she could no longer convey how much she supported and loved Thor, but at the very least, she could see him for the last time!

But at this time, Dio barged in with Crystal behind his back!

“Dio! Please save my mother!” Thor said as he saw Dio. He knew that Dio has a weird healing ability that even saved Tony on the verge of dying! However, Odin was confused. He didn’t know Dio’s power, so he wondered how a mortal being like Dio could save his wife while no one in Asgard could do anything!

Dio frowned and ran over towards Frigga’s body and immediately administered the energy from the [Golden Experience]! From his memory, while watching Thor’s movie, Dio knew that Frigga shouldn’t have died. She was too good to die like that as she was the only one who could control Odin and Loki!

Odin, who was watching from the side, was shocked as he saw the radiant energy that was slowly invigorating Frigga’s body! Odin knew that this energy was life energy. It was as warm as sunlight! He began to wonder how a mortal could possibly master such energy!

Not long after that, Odin was shocked once again as he saw that Frigga was slowly getting back her complexion! The stunning part that happened to Frigga was that the wound that Malekith has left on her neck was also healing and left no scar! As the King of Asgard and the God of Aesir, Odin knew that this was truly a miracle.

Question after question popped in Odin’s mind regarding Dio, and the biggest one was the possibility that Dio might be the one that the Ancient One has chosen to become her heir! It just made sense, with such potential, Odin knew that Dio would be a powerhouse in the future!

Unlike Odin, who was wondering in silence, Thor was giddy with excitement! He felt despair when his mother fell weak to the floor, but now he saw that her complexion was slowly getting better, all thanks to Dio!

Dio himself was focused on treating Frigga. No one dared to interrupt him by making any sound or even move a muscle as they were afraid that their action could halt Dio’s treatment! Although [Golden Experience] could heal back any living being completely, it still needed a different amount of energy according to the living being’s life force itself!

If by any chance, Dio had to save an ordinary human from their death, Dio would only need around 10 seconds of [Golden Experience]’s time, but for Frigga, who was considered the strongest witch in the nine realms, Dio had to spend 2 minutes of [Golden Experience]’s time!

Fortunately, Dio had used the recharge card on [Golden Experience], so even after he finished Frigga’s treatment, he still had another 43 minutes to use in the future!

After a while, Dio took a deep breath in relief and de-summoned the [Golden Experience] as he was done! Frigga was no longer in code red!

“Dio! How is my mother? Did you save her?” Thor asked impatiently.

“There is nothing to worry about anymore, as long as she takes a good rest for a couple of days, she should be back in top shape!” Dio said casually, and then he turned around, leaving Odin, Thor, and the rest of the Asgardian Palace Guards who were looking at Frigga expectantly to take his own rest for the day!

Dio’s intention on saving Frigga wasn’t completely an act of kindness either. Dio knew that with him saving Frigga from death, Asgard would be indebted to him!

“Did you hear that, father! Mother is alright!” Thor said as he was excited and grateful that his mother was fine.

“I heard him alright, now, please take my wife back to my chamber! I would like for her to rest and recover as soon as possible!” Odin said to the female attendant that was also in the room. “Please convey my gratitude towards your friend and tells him that I’ll await his presence when he had enough rest,” Odin said to Thor as he left with Frigga. After almost experiencing the death of his wife and the battle before it, Odin felt tired himself, and he would like to rest too!

Thor felt incredibly lucky that he invited Dio to come with him this time. Otherwise, his mother would have been dead! But at the same time, Jane, who was completely silent the entire time, finally spoke to Thor.

“I am sorry, this was all because of me! If you gave me up earlier, your mother wouldn’t have to go through all this!” Jane said as she was barely holding back her tears.

“Jane, listen, it wasn’t your fault, and my mother is alright too! There is no need for you to blame yourself! Just forget what happened here, Jane. We are alright!” Thor said as he held Jane on his arms.

This incident caused Thor to realise that there were so many forms of love! He loved Jane and wanted to be with her, but this love for Jane was completely different from his love for Frigga! And that was why, no matter how many times he faced the same kind of situation, he wouldn’t be able to choose!

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