Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 333


The highest honor that Asgard gave to a war hero would be a golden sword and a silver badge of an unknown metal that looked very beautiful, but for Dio, these items didn’t have any value! It was better to give him a buck load of gold than the sword and shield!

Dio had heard that the badge was called the Guardian of Light, and those who held the item could pass through the gate of the nine realms unimpeded! But that was the thing, Dio didn’t need to go to other realms beside earth, so he didn’t have any use for this badge!

Although Thor was happy that Dio would become the first non-Asgardian that would receive the badge, Dio didn’t share the same feeling. Dio knew that Asgard would soon be destroyed by Thor’s sister, Hela, anyway!

Hela was a very strong character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! She could destroy Mjolnir with just her grip power, while Thanos had a hard time against it later! In the end, Thor was the one who made the decision that Ragnarök should be initiated and thus dooming Asgard with Hela in it! In fact, Dio himself wouldn’t be confident fighting against Hela now as the strongest move that he had was only [The World], which had a time-limited ability [The Hand] which had close range and slow movement!

This Grand Ceremony didn’t take too long, as all the rewards were given, it has come to the party event that Odin has catered to hold the festivities of the day! Even though Dio still hasn’t got the real reward that he wanted yet, he knew that Odin would give it to him privately. After all, it wouldn’t be good for a king to make an exception, even to an outsider!

At the very end, Dio knew that Odin didn’t lie to him as he had sent a chunk of Uru Metal to Dio’s quarter, and the person who would also become Dio’s guide to where the Pegasus would be! But, because of this, Dio didn’t know whether this Odin was a real one or a fake that Loki has created! The plot has been messed up so bad that Dio couldn’t tell what will happen next!

However, with this reward that he privately asked from Odin before Thor released Loki, Dio had a slight inclination that this Odin was still the real Odin! But as Thor knew that Dio would be brought to the Pegasus’s place, he declared that he also wanted to go, but sadly, he was quickly turned down by Odin as he didn’t deem it was necessary for Thor to know where the Pegasus was taken care off!

But as soon as Dio followed the man who raised the Pegasus through a teleportation hole, Dio immediately realized that the Pegasus wasn’t kept in Asgard at all! The teleportation portal was connected to an entirely different planet, and the number of Pegasus inside this planer wasn’t much either. After the death of many Pegasus when the Valkyrie battled against Hela, only Three Pegasus survived!

Dio didn’t need to catch a wild Pegasus as only Three Pegasus left!

“Although his royal highness has allowed you to take one Pegasus away, if you can’t get the approval of the Pegasus, I will not allow you to force them to come with you!” The keeper said solemnly.

Dio was a little bit surprised to see that this keeper was so attached to the Pegasus here, and so with a calm demeanor, Dio asked for the man’s name.

“I honestly don’t remember my own name anymore. I’ve been here for as long as I can remember! Those Pegasus likes to eat green dates, so calling me Green Dates will do!” The keeper said solemnly.

Listening to the man’s word, Dio nodded his head as his way of saying that he understood and walked towards the stable were the man kept all the Pegasus. Dio finally noticed three horses with pure white hair. They looked so beautiful as they grazed and ran along the open field. On their side, their wings were folded as they didn’t need to use it on the ground, but sometimes, Dio could see them stretching their wings and showing him the majestic scene as they spread their wings!

Dio didn’t feel the need to take out the [Stand Arrow] so quickly. He decided to approach the Pegasus slowly as the first thing he wanted to do was make contact with all of them! As Dio was fascinated by the Pegasus in front of him, he failed to see the jealous look on the keeper’s face.

When Dio was close enough with the Pegasus, they all turned their heads to look at Dio at the same time! The keeper looked at Dio with a smirk on his face as he knew that this was the tale-tell that the Pegasus would attack!

Dio put another step forward, and the closest Pegasus to Dio immediately raised its two front legs, ready to stomp Dio away! The scene was incredible that Dio was completely fascinated by its moves!

Dio didn’t understand that this move was a warning sign, and so he still moved forward one more time, but the next thing happened was Dio being slammed and bounced back as the Pegasus neighed in anger!

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