Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 334


The Pegasus’ action was very shocking. It seemed that wherever it was, the animal instinct was still the same! The instinct to survive was predominant. Obviously, the Pegasus was a prideful animal, so its strongest instinct was to fight!

Dio was kicked and sent back flying! Thankfully, Dio always coated his body with his Hamon Energy, so he barely took any damage. It was so unfortunate this majestic creature must face extinction like this just because Odin was jealous and feared Hela’s power. Odin imprisoned her on the Underworld, and the price from doing so was the annihilation of the Valkyrie army along with the Pegasus!

The keeper kept his poker face as to refrain from being rude and offend Dio! Originally, he was supposed to help Dio draw the Pegasus’ attention and helped him earn their recognition, but his own feeling conflicted with that. He didn’t want to give up the Pegasus as he has already watched over them ever since they were born! He even abandoned his life in Asgard just to take care of these Pegasus!

Because of that, even if that was the order from Odin himself, he couldn’t bring himself let them go so easily! He knew that Pegasus was picky when it came to allowing someone rode their back. If they didn’t like it, they would throw a temper tantrum that would hurt those who rode them and themselves!

As he thought that Dio, who was just kicked by the Pegasus, would give up, he was surprised to see that Dio smirked and once again tried to get close to the Pegasus! Dio couldn’t hide his excitement as he knew that it was his own fault that he got kicked! He ignored the Pegasus’ warning and kept getting closer!

The keeper turned back to his poker face and shook his head in disbelief. He realized Dio was too determined to get one of the Pegasus for himself! Now, he didn’t know what to do, he could leave this man alone, but he was sure that Odin would eventually come if the man was too stubborn!

But eventually, Dio knew that the man had said that the Pegasus loved green dates so much, and so he asked the keeper on where he could get green dates!

“They are in the forest around 2 kilometers west of here. The Pegasus love the green dates, but that place is also a territory of the iron back baboons. The baboons are very aggressive, so best of luck to you!” the keeper said indifferently.

Dio smiled at the man and took two empty barrels beside him, and walked westward. The keeper sighed as he didn’t want to show Dio the Green Dates location at first, but he knew that he couldn’t completely ignore his king’s request. He still must help Dio, but just in the smallest way possible!

His goal was to make the Pegasus throw Dio off, but if the Pegasus gave him their recognition, he wouldn’t stop it either! It was the same feeling as letting his own daughter marry some man that he barely knew!

. . . . . . . .

Dio was walking quite fast, and it didn’t take long before he arrived at the forest where the keeper said that he would find the Green Dates! But Dio was surprised as he didn’t see any dates, but instead, it was more like a big green apple or green peach than a green date!

Dio, who didn’t know whether he was wrong or not, sighed and immediately got ready to get the supposed green dates from the tree! Dio climbed the tree and began to pick the fruit and fill up the barrel that he brought earlier. During the process of filling up the barrel, he couldn’t help himself to taste the Green Dates as he was curious about its taste.

“Wow, damn! This fruit is sweet!” Dio said as he was surprised by how sweet the Green Dates were! They were full of juice, and besides its sweetness, it also had a strong fragrant that smelt like floral perfume! This fruit was no question, a super fruit! No wonder the Pegasus loved them so much!

But while Dio was happily filling up his barrel, a sudden strange roar was heard from inside the forest, and suddenly, a group of big baboons surrounded him! One of those baboons was at least two meters tall, and the baboon had grey hair in front while iron black colored hair grew on its back!

“What the hell, just let me have this fruit! I will get off your land once I am done!” Dio said annoyedly.

But another giant baboon that was at least three meters tall came and took Dio’s word as a challenge! He roared and rushed towards Dio with the intention to kill! Dio sighed as he realized that nothing was easy! But as he knew that the animal wasn’t at fault here, he must hold back to refrain from killing any baboon!

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