Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 335


Dio wanted to know how strong this Iron Back Baboon really was, so he covered himself in Hamon Energy and let the baboon attack him! But Dio was immediately surprised as the baboon’s attack was fierce enough to make him back away! Not only the baboon was strong enough to chop a tree with their fang, but their attack was coordinated by their leader!

 This is a sign of intellectual being! Even if the baboons weren’t as smart as humans, it has already shown a sign of learning and flexible thinking.

After learning the baboon’s power, Dio immediately unleashed his own counter-attack! He punched and kicked every single one of them until they couldn’t fight anymore, but he didn’t kill any of them as he already made himself clear that those animals were just defending their turf!

After realizing that they didn’t have a chance to win, the Baboon leader roared frustratedly and charged towards Dio! It didn’t know that Dio has been keeping an eye towards him from the beginning, Dio knew that in order to dominate the baboon, he just had to beat the leader!

The Iron Back Baboon leader opened its mouth widely to bite off Dio’s head, but Dio let it do what he wanted as he just enforced the Hamon Energy that he used for defenses!

The next thing that happened was a shattering sound came from the leader’s mouth as its teeth broke! Dio then grabbed its head and threw it right to the big tree in the forest, destroying several trees in the process!

Seeing that their leader was beaten up, the rest of the baboon immediately stood up and ran back to hide in the forest! Dio didn’t chase after them as he doesn’t find any needs to do that, he immediately returned to his task of collecting the fruits back into the basket to bring it back to the Pegasus.

Dio then left after filling up two baskets full of fruit.

The Iron Back Baboon leader that played dead the entire time immediately stood up as it noticed that Dio had left, and he was safe, but it immediately felt anger welling up as it noticed that the rest of its pack had already run away by themselves, leaving the leader behind!

. . . . . . . . .

When Dio returned with two baskets full of Green Dates, the keeper’s face changed a bit. It was clear that he was surprised that Dio successfully managed to get the green dates himself, but he still had to remain calm!

“I brought back the Green Dates from the forest! now, how can I feed them?” Dio asked the keeper, sincerely.

Dio could always try to use his Golden Pet Card, but there would be no thrill in that! He had to do this the normal way, not the easy way!

The keeper nodded his head in acknowledgment, but he still showed a cold attitude towards Dio.

“Throw several fruits on the ground near their feet, they would know that it was a gift from you, and if you stand close to me, they will know that you mean no harm and that’s it! what you will do after is truly up to your own desire!” The keeper said coldly.

Dio knew that the keeper’s way of talking sounded a bit arrogant and cold, but he didn’t mind as he knew that it must be hard to go separate ways with such a majestic creature. So, Dio immediately did what the keeper said and threw several green dates near the Pegasus and stood beside the keeper expectantly.

In the beginning, the Pegasus ignored the green dates, but after they looked at the keeper who also ate the green dates that Dio brought back, they began to eat the green dates, although very slowly!

Seeing that the atmosphere was eased somehow, Dio approached the Pegasus once more with the Green Dates in his hands. This was his way of showing that he wanted to get close to the Pegasus!

Dio made significant progress as he was finally able to close the distance to one meter without the Pegasus making any disapproval look. But he still couldn’t go any further as the Pegasus immediately walked away when he got to the one-meter mark!

Dio wanted to ask the keeper again for some tips, but after Dio saw the cold look at the keeper’s face, he chose not to! But he didn’t want to give up just yet!

Dio pulled out his Stand Arrow and tried to see if any of these Pegasus had any potential to be a Stand User, and sure enough, as he pulled the arrow out, it reacted to one Pegasus that kicked him the first time!

The strongest and the most majestic looking one! There was no doubt that this Pegasus was the leader of the Pegasus pack, and then he immediately thought of using the standard Pet Card that he also got from his draws earlier.

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