Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 336


The keeper watched Dio from the fences with his cold eyes. He thought that one meter was the best Dio could do now. Unless he helped Dio get close to the Pegasus, Dio would never succeed! Or so he thought!

Dio immediately pulled out his Standard Pet Card because he wasn’t sure whether the gold one would succeed. However, as soon as he uses the standard Pet Card, a blue light shone from the Pegasus, and as quick as it came, the blue light dispersed immediately!

This was the sign that the card failed! Dio looked at the keeper and noticed that this blue light doesn’t bother him, meaning that the keeper couldn’t see the blue light at all! So, without hesitation, Dio pulled out the golden Pet Card!

Dio immediately used the card, and a bright golden light shone on the Pegasus! Dio bit his lips in anticipation as he knew that even though this Golden Pet Card was the highest Pet Card with a great success rate, it still had a chance of failure!

Instead of dispersing, this time, the bright golden light dimmed slowly, but his phone hasn’t confirmed whether he succeeded or not yet!

But Dio knew that he wasn’t successful as he couldn’t establish the mental link with the Pegasus!

Dio smacked his face in frustration as he never thought that taming a Pegasus would be this hard! But as he was ready to give up, he noticed that the Pegasus shows a different attitude than before! It clearly showed interest to Dio now, while it wouldn’t even bother to look at Dio’s face earlier!

Dio was utterly surprised as the Pegasus suddenly walked towards him and bunted its head on Dio’s chest and eat the green dates on Dio’s hands.

 Dio was happy with this progress, and he immediately tried to reach out to the Pegasus’ head to give it a petting, but the Pegasus immediately looked at Dio’s stretched arm! Dio immediately stopped as he didn’t want to surprise it, but sighed happily after seeing that the Pegasus didn’t seem to mind!

Dio was overjoyed to see that he was finally able to pet the Pegasus!

However, Dio wasn’t the only one who was surprised by this sudden change of behavior. The other two Pegasus and the keeper were equally surprised!

The two Pegasus started to neigh at their leader, who was currently comfortably eating the green dates inside the bucket near Dio, but the leader didn’t seem to care!

The keeper showed some jealousy as he knew that Dio was halfway done! Now, all that Dio left to do was to establish a connection with the Pegasus and rode on its back! Once it was done, the Pegasus would become Dio’s partner for life!

But the keeper didn’t understand the reason behind the sudden change in the Pegasus’ attitude. It took him a long time even for him to get close to the Pegasus! He spent a long time even just to touch its hair!

On the other side, Dio, who was still playing with the Pegasus, didn’t understand why the Pegasus changed its attitude so suddenly either.

The truth was, the Standard pet card that Dio used the first time stimulated the Pegasus, so it didn’t see Dio as a stranger, while the gold pet card urged the Pegasus to get close to Dio on its own! That was why it showed this kind of closeness to Dio in such a short amount of time!

Without knowing why Dio, then pulled the last Standard Pet Card that he had and used it once more to the Pegasus. Once more, the Pegasus was covered in blue light, and instead of dispersing or dimming, this blue light gradually turned white!

A success!

Dio was surprised that he finally got the Pegasus as a pet! The Pegasus immediately acted like a baby and nuzzled close to Dio! Dio immediately laughed and petted its head playfully. The Pegasus then nudged Dio to ride it, which Dio delightfully did.

Once Dio got on its back, it spread its wing widely and started to run and glided! The Pegasus quickly soared into the sky majestically!

Dio was happy that he finally experienced something so amazing like this, they circled around the sky, and the Pegasus even showed off its amazing speed to Dio as it flew at high speed through the clouds.

The other two Pegasus was bewildered, and the keeper was shocked beyond belief! The two Pegasus immediately flew on their own to follow their leader, while the keeper, who was still shocked, was left alone on the fences.

Although he has already taken care of the Pegasus in a long time, he never could ride on its back and fly like that!

He was hurt, no doubt! It was a blow to the keeper’s pride!

The keeper sighed in defeat and walked back into his wooden house with his lonesome self! At the same time, Dio, who still didn’t know the keeper’s feeling, was still enjoying himself flying with the three Pegasus up in the sky!

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