Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 337


When Dio had enough playing with the Pegasus, he came back and saw that the keeper still maintained his poker face as always.

“This should do, right?” Dio asked the keeper.

The keeper immediately nodded as he knew that there was nothing he could do about it anymore! “As we agreed before, you can take him away.” The keeper said indifferently.

“Thank you! I will take good care of it! I will come here again if I have the time to let them play again. Did this Pegasus have a name?” Dio asked curiously.

The keeper was surprised that Dio was asking for the Pegasus’ name while usually, everyone was content on calling it Pegasus. “No, I am afraid not! I am only the caretaker of these Pegasus; I am not qualified to name them!” The keeper said as he smiled slightly at Dio.

Dio was silent for a minute as he was thinking of the perfect name for the Pegasus. He thought of the endless journey that he would have with the Pegasus under the light of the thousand stars. Dio suddenly thought of the name related to star and found that Galaxy was the most appropriate one!

“I will name it Galaxy as I want to explore the entire galaxy with it!” Dio said confidently.

“Very good name! I know now why it chooses you so quickly!” the keeper said with a smile as he petted the Pegasus for the last time before Dio brought him along. Galaxy seemed to be happy to receive this name and neighed excitedly.

Dio was embarrassed when he heard the keeper’s praises as the truth was he cheated to draw the Pegasus’ attention! If it were not for the Pet card, the Pegasus would never come to him like this!

But before leaving, Dio immediately returned to the forest earlier to take some more Green Dates for Galaxy to eat later.

Dio then tried to put the fruit inside the card and immediately noticed that one card could contain roughly 20 fruits! He quickly filled one deck of cards full of fruit so that Galaxy wouldn’t miss it later.

If he ran out of Green Dates, he just had to find another source of food for Galaxy as he knew that the cosmos was a vast place and so there should be something that the Pegasus would like to eat eventually!

. . . . . . . .

Inside the Asgardian Palace, Dio rode the Pegasus in pride! Now, all they knew was that the Valkyrie was decimated and with them went the Pegasus, and so, Pegasus become a legend! But today, everyone could see clearly that the outsider was riding on one!

Fortunately, this outsider was the one that Odin had awarded the Light of Guardian badge earlier. Otherwise, Dio would’ve been targeted by the jealous public!

When Thor received the news that Dio was back, he quickly brought Jane and Crystal to show them the Pegasus. Pegasus was a symbol of strength, and so, Thor was excited to see that Dio had tamed one for himself! For Asgardian, the Pegasus was a sacred animal!

“I never expected to see that the Pegasus took you as its master!” Thor said excitedly.

“What can I say, my manliness and my handsomeness won it over!” Dio said as he smirked to Thor and petted the Pegasus’ head.

Everyone was shocked as they saw a majestic Pegasus in the outsider’s hand as this was the first time they ever saw a Pegasus since the Valkyries were all gone! They wanted to touch it too, but refrained from doing so as the Pegasus glared on anyone coming close!

Dio was in a good mood the entire afternoon. It was cool to have the Pegasus by his side! He sauntered the Pegasus to every corner of the palace like he was bragging to everyone that he had a Pegasus with him!

Dio was also excited in the prospect that he could ride the Pegasus anywhere he wanted in the future, while others could only watch from down below jealously.

“Crystal, come here! Let me take you into the sky!” Dio waved toward Crystal to come closer. Crystal’s eyes lit up in excitement, but she was still unsure of coming close to the Pegasus.

“Don’t worry! Galaxy is docile. Besides, I am here with you!” Dio said encouragingly. Crystal nodded and walked closer to Dio.

The Pegasus then sniffed Crystal as it knew that Dio was telling Crystal to come close. In the end, Galaxy approved and licked Crystal’s face casually.

Crystal was surprised and excitedly climbed to the Pegasus’ back with Dio’s help, and suddenly as Dio and Crystal were sitting securely on its back, the Pegasus sped off and flew to the sky! It looked even more majestic in the sky when its wings were fully spread!

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