Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 338


In Svartalheim, Galaxy quickly flew off to pursue the running Dark Elves. They were panicking as they saw that Dio was chasing after them. They know that Dio was the man who killed Malekith before, so they knew that they would not be able to fight Dio even if they wanted to!

Dio himself showed no mercy. He swept the [Reaper’s Gaze] while flying with Galaxy, killing any Dark Elves who were unfortunate enough to catch Dio’s attention!

Seeing that they couldn’t escape the Pegasus, the Dark Elves finally curled up on the ground, waiting for their demise. But as Dio saw that the dark elves had given up, he signaled for Galaxy to come down.

“Now, take me to your base or die here!” Dio said coldly.

“No! just kill us already! We will not betray our race!” The Dark Elves said confidently, although Dio could saw the fear beneath their eyes! They thought that Asgard would kill all of them again as they have done in the previous war!

They’d rather die there so their race could survive! If they didn’t say anything, Asgard would never find their base location as it was hidden behind the Stealth Technology that even Heimdall couldn’t see through!

Dio sighed and killed the Dark Elves in one fell swoop! At the same time, Thor arrived from above! He saw the gore scene that happened in front of him and didn’t say a word about it.

He didn’t have any pity for these Dark Elves, who almost took his mother’s life! Thor was coming to Dio’s side this time to see if Dio wanted any help on dealing with the Dark Elves.

“Now, did you find what you’re searching for?” Thor asked curiously. He knew that Dio didn’t come there under Odin’s order as Odin didn’t seem to care what would happen to the Dark Elves.

“Yeah, but it sure took some effort! They don’t want to talk to me even after I threaten them with death!” Dio said as he sighed tiredly.

. . . . . . . . . .

In the desolate area of the Svartalheim, the last surviving Dark Elves Battleship was hidden here. The ship had 100 Dark Elves on board, as this amount was all they needed to continue surviving.

The Dark Elves had a long lifespan, but they couldn’t reproduce in a normal way. They were a creature born out of darkness, and thus must meet several conditions for it to happen!

Malekith has exhausted thousands of years just to prepare a thousand soldiers! But as the plan to get the Aether from Asgard failed, many of that long-cultivated number of Dark Elves died!

But unfortunately for them, a thunder strike appeared right in the front of the battleship!

“In the name of Thor, son of Odin! I order you to lay down your weapon! Your safety would be guaranteed, and those who resist shall be killed on the spot!” Thor said as he came down to the ship.

The Dark Elves seemed panicked as they didn’t know whether to believe in Thor’s word or believe in their ancestor’s word that said they should never trust an Asgardian!

At the same time, Dio appeared with his Pegasus. “I am Dio Brando! A freelancer for the Nine Realms! I am a Midgardian, and I have reached an agreement with Odin that you all will be under my protection if you are willing to follow me! I will provide shelter for you!” Dio said as he came down to the ground.

The Dark Elves immediately fell into commotion as they became more nervous after what Dio had said. They couldn’t believe that someone would do that for them. Dio then gave Thor a look as a signal that it was Thor’s time to act.

“The King of Gods sent me to hear your answer! This Midgardian had performed well and persuaded The King for sparing you! but I really hope that you will reject this offer!” Thor said as he slammed Mjolnir to the ground, creating a spark that drew everyone’s attention!

“I am the temporary leader of the Dark Elves. My name is Mapedoff! We don’t want to be the enemy of Asgard anymore. In fact, we’ve already persuaded Malekith to cease his action, but he killed several of us and proceeded with his own plan! Son of Odin, please spare us, we are willing to swear in the name of God of Darkness that we will never do harm to Asgard or the nine realms ever again!” Mapedoff said sincerely.

Dio was speechless, and so he looked at Thor and let him decide. At least, now they knew that not all Dark Elves yearned for war against Asgard! But since he and Thor started it with a good cop bad cop situation, he had to continue to do so to receive the utmost loyalty from the Dark Elves.

“Do you want my mercy? You are clearly making a mistake attacking Asgard this time! I will never allow for this kind of action to repeat itself again!” Thor said as he pointed Mjolnir to the sky and started calling down the thunder.

At this critical moment, when all the Dark Elves were left looking horrified of their life, Dio came to save the day by stopping Thor. “Thor! Odin has left the decision of what to do to these Dark Elves in my hand! I can’t tolerate your whimsical act like this! you better leave now!” Dio said as he held Thor’s shoulder.

At the same time, the two of them looked at each other while trying to hold their composure. They know that their acting was so bad that it was hilarious!

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