Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 339


After playing along with such an embarrassing act, Thor, who was acting as the villain, left as he kept cursing, but Dio, who stayed on the ground, continued acting like he was the messiah!

“You see, I can protect you from the wrath of Asgard. If you promise to follow me, I will make sure that you will eventually get a place that you can finally call home without anyone bugging you!” Dio said confidently.

“What do you need us to do?” Mapedoff asked curiously.

“No, no, no! you are clearly taking it wrong. It’s not that what I need from you, it’s more like what can you give to me.” Dio said with a smirk.

“We are not a fighter, but we can give you all of our research so far,” Mapedoff said sincerely. Dio knew that this wasn’t really the truth as the Dark Elves were born as a skilled fighter, but it seemed Mapedoff was determined never to fight again!

But nonetheless, all that Dio was needed from these Dark Elves was their scientific breakthrough! Dio didn’t need the Dark Elves to fight for him as he could do it himself!

“Okay, if that is the case, then I promise that you won’t have to fight again, and for that, you will have to serve me for 100 years! Within that time, I will provide you asylum, and after that time, you will be free to choose whatever you want to do!” Dio said confidently.

This was all a promise that could guarantee the Dark Elves’ allegiance to him as Dio knew that the Dark Elves could just revolt if they were too constrained!

After all, 100 years was a long time for a human, but a very short time on a longer lifespan creature like Dark Elves!

As soon as Dio stopped speaking, the Dark Elves immediately argued Dio’s word excitedly. They knew that 100 years was all it took to rebuild themselves a new home, and they also needed protection as the Dark Elves was one of several races that were being hunted for their unique feature and rarity!

“Your promise is tempting, but we don’t know for sure that you will follow through with this promise after a hundred years!” Mapedoff said to Dio as the argument with his fellow Dark Elves were done.

“I know that I can’t give you any reassurance, but you don’t have any choice, do you?” Dio said casually. That was the truth. It was either annihilation from the Asgard or trusting Dio’s word!

So, after taking a deep breath, Mapedoff raised his hands and knelt on his knees in surrender. “We, Dark Elves, agreed to follow you for a hundred years that you have promised!” Mapedoff said solemnly.

The rest of the Dark Elves followed Mapedoff’s example and disarmed themselves of any weapon that they had.

Dio was very happy that he finally had a group of talented scientists on his hands. He also gave the deputy position to Mapedoff so that he could still lead his Dark Elves brethren to make it easier for Dio! This was also Dio’s way of saying that he wouldn’t control the Dark Elves too much!

“Now, the first thing that I need you guys to do is to repair this warship as soon as you can. After that, we will leave this place!” Dio said commandingly.

“Yes, master!” Mapedoff said solemnly.

“No, don’t call me master! Just call me, Sir!” Dio said flatly.

“Of course, Sir!” Mapedoff said as he immediately ordered the Dark Elves to repair the battleship to take off!

After giving the order, Dio then returned to Asgard as he waited for the Dark Elves to finish, and in Asgard, Thor was curious and worried about Dio’s plan to leave into the vast galaxy!

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Thor asked worriedly.

“Of course! I am curious about what I can find in this universe! This is a rare opportunity, and don’t lie! You have seen what the Dark Elves are capable of! They could be said more advanced than Asgard!” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

“Okay! since you have made up your mind, I will not question your decision any longer! After you leave, I will also return to earth to take Jane back home!” Thor said casually.

“Sure, after all, your father doesn’t like the earthlings that much! But what happened to the Aether?” Dio asked curiously.

“It has been sent to the Collector in Knowhere! His name is Taneleer Tivan!” Thor said casually. Dio nodded as he noticed that the plot for the Reality Gem was still the same as the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

He knew that Thanos would show up in Knowhere and wreak havoc there to retrieve the Infinity Stone from the Collector’s grasp!

Fortunately, the Collector couldn’t be killed by any normal means. He once made a bet with lady Death and successfully earned immortality as they were banned from Death!

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