Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 340


There was a place where the various treasures from the entire universe were stored, an excessive amount of rare plants, rare minerals, or a part of some extinct creatures were all collected on the same spot by Taneleer Tivan!

People often came to him in order to seek something that was almost impossible to find in exchange for something unique that could match the price!

On a very strange day, the collector house received two very unusual guests!

“I introduce you to the one and only, The Collector, Taneleer Tivan!” the pink maid said emotionless.

The Collector bowed a little bit as his way of showing his etiquettes. “Midgardians, how rare!” Tivan said as he observed Dio and Crystal.

Dio wasn’t surprised that the Collector could immediately guess their race just by one look, but the one thing that completely impressed Dio was his wealth!

“You should’ve already known why I am here!” Dio said as he pulled out a box and put it on the table in front of Tivan.

Dio wanted to wander around the universe, but Odin tasked him one last time to deliver Aether to the Collector himself!

Odin also knew that Dio had taken all the remaining Dark Elves under his wings, but still, Odin said nothing!

Dio was confused by Odin’s behavior, but he knew that Odin would never tell him any of his reasoning!

Tivan nodded and put on a white glove as he wanted to open the box. After he opened it and saw the content, he sighed in satisfied expression. “I promise you that I will take proper care of it!” Tivan said as he smiled at Dio.

Dio snorted as he heard Tivan’s word as he knew that if Tivan really kept the Reality Gem securely, Thanos would never be able to snap half the universe out of existence!

But to refrain from being rude, Dio smiled as he knew that the Reality gem was no longer under his protection. It was Tivan’s problem now!

“Since we’re done with our business here, we will leave immediately!” Dio said casually.

“Since you’ve come all the way here, aren’t you interested to see my collection first? I believe that you will find something that might strike your interest.” Tivan said alluringly. This was also one of his hobbies.

Tivan liked to brag all his collection to anyone that he deemed worthy of seeing them! But for now, Dio didn’t see the need to waste his time seeing something that he doesn’t need.

“Sorry, maybe next time!” Dio said casually.

“Of course, but I also took an interest in your collection of Dark Elves. If you are interested, I can find you a good buy next time! Of course, I am still interested in taking one if you are willing to negotiate the price!” Tivan said politely with his evil smile.

“Sorry! They aren’t property, and I have no interest in selling them!” Dio said casually.

“That is a shame, but if you come across something unusual, you can always come back here again. I will gladly put a price on it!” Tivan said politely again.

“Sure, but I have a question, did you have Yaka Metal on you?” Dio asked curiously.

“Of course! After all, the Ravagers frequently made a trade with me! You can trade it with something that strikes my interest!” Tivan said while smirking evilly.

After hearing the Ravagers’ name, Dio immediately knew that it was Yondu! He was the only Centaurians who wanted to do something like this!

“What do you want for a change?” Dio asked curiously.

“My maid smelled a Pegasus in you. I would gladly take it off your hands in exchange for some Yaka Metals and some other item that’s worth more than the Pegasus itself!” Tivan said with a smirk on his face.

“I am sorry, but it wasn’t tradable!” Dio said coldly as Galaxy was mentioned.

“Well, I know that you would reject it, but business is a business, right? It doesn’t hurt to offer! But still, I apologize if I pushed too far!” Tivan said politely.

Seeing that Tivan was apologizing, Dio let it go this time. After all, the Collector’s word made sense! One would never know if there was no question to answer!

“Can I at least know the name of the Ravagers who made a trade with you?” Dio asked curiously.

“I am afraid that is impossible! I have a reputation to uphold. Selling my customer’s personal information would tarnish my reputation immediately! But I can tell you the origin of the Yaka Metal itself! It comes from the planet called Centaury-IV or also known as Beta Centaury!” Tivan said politely.

This was not the information that Dio considered valuable. He has already known all this information beforehand! But at least Dio had made himself into the Collector’s good grace. It surely would be helpful in the future!

“Thank you very much!” Dio said sincerely and immediately left the Collector’s place.

The Collector himself took the Aether to his safest vault and put it on a special pedestal while mumbling that he still had five more to go!

But what he didn’t know was that when he closed the vault, the shake from the vault cracked the Aether’s jar, and the Dark Red Liquid of the Aether leaked out of its container!

The pink maid then walked close to the vault, making her the target for the Aether’s possession, but this time, the Aether left a fake reality inside the vault that showed the Aether’s container was still stable and untouched!

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