Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 341


The Dark Elf’s battleship looked like a giant cross. It was not great in terms of appearance, but the technologies inside were among the top in the entire universe!

The stealth system alone was already the best in the whole universe! It could fool Heimdall’s eyes, which could see through everything!

Plus, the Implosive Grenade that they invented was one of the strongest tools that they had! It could literally erase space itself!

It really was a pity that their previous leader was too blind of rage and vengeance to even see the worth of his own race!

Dio was determined that he would never make the same mistake again!

Dio knew that Odin was testing him by sending him to deliver the Aether to the Collector, and because of that, Dio also tested the Dark Elf’s loyalty too, he took Crystal and took his time inside the Collector’s mansion, but while Dio was there, the Dark Elf still waited for him to return and didn’t go off on their own, abandoning Dio and Crystal!

Dio knew that this was all because of the mutual trusts between them. He knew that there was no reason for these Dark Elves to go out of their way to escape Dio.

“To be honest, I am a little bit surprised that you guys didn’t run away,” Dio said to Mapedoff as he entered the cockpit.

“I am sorry, sir, but several dark elves did have that idea, but I know that we can trust you, so I stayed!” Mapedoff said as he bowed his head.

“Well, I am a little bit disappointed to hear that, although you have pleaded for their protection, I don’t want to hear this kind of thing happening again in the future! Understand?” Dio said commandingly.

“Of course, sir! I will execute them myself if they try to revolt against you! I know that we will end up as black-market goods if you aren’t here with us! We know that you will definitely give us a home to stay at the end of our 100-year agreement!” Mapedoff said confidently.

Dio nodded his head in content as he was satisfied by the loyalty that Mapedoff had shown. The Dark Elf still had the hierarchy system to hold, so if Mapedoff, who held the highest authority among the Dark Elves, said something, everyone must follow!

“I trust you on this. I hope you can live up to your promise! I can protect you from anything, and it may not take 100 years for me to find you a place that you could call home!

If we come across a planet that you like later, we will make sure you can use it as your home planet!” Dio said sincerely.

“Yes, sir! Thank you very much!” Mapedoff said excitedly. He now knew that Dio was a man who appreciated loyalty, so he was determined to serve Dio for 100 years that they have agreed upon!

“Sir, so where is our next destination would be?” Mapedoff asked curiously.

“Centaury-IV!” Dio said without any hesitation.

Mapedoff nodded his head and immediately entered the coordinate for Centaury-IV without any question. Dio was very satisfied by the Dark Elf’s performance as he saw that they were efficient! They were not a cruel race like Asgard describe them to be. In fact, they were very polite and knowledgeable!

It was all because they became the enemy of Asgard for some unknown reason that their reputation was tarnished, and their real personality was hidden through Asgardian’s history book!

In Dio’s eyes, this Dark Elves had the same personality as Otaku on Earth! They have never left Svaltarheim in their whole life, and they weren’t built for combat as they have focused themselves on advancing their technologies.

And so, Dio shook his head as he no longer wanted to delve into Asgard’s dark past and chose to bond with Galaxy.

. . . . . . . .

At the same time, not too far from the Knowhere, two Asgardian Battleships were floating in space.

Sif received Dio’s report, so she no longer needed to stay there. “Mission completed! Return home immediately!” Sif said to the pilot, and they quickly left towards Asgard, leaving Dio to do whatever he wanted.

Mapedoff was a little bit surprised to see the two Asgardian battleships not too far from their location.

He immediately knew that if they had run away earlier, these Asgardian Battleships would’ve shot them down!

The stealth coating that they had on this battleship was no longer efficient against Asgardian as earlier, Dio had told Frigga all about the stealth device that the Dark Elves used, and because of that, Asgard should’ve already figured out the weakness of the Stealth technologies that they had!

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